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Figure News: Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star, Yuria Hyaku-shiki “Lightning Figure” up for preorder

A couple more bits of figure news to report over the noon hour today: the “first season” of Lucky Star Nendoroid Petit trading figures is now available for preorder at online shop Tokimeki Mall, and should be up elsewhere soon as well. I wonder what the secret figure is? Also, Amiami’s noon update today included rookie brand First Class‘s maiden release (scooped here), Yuria Hyaku-shiki (advanced prototype love doll heroine of the eponymous manga). The Lucky Star trading figures are due out in February at 500 yen each and 10+1 variations (a 12-unit box goes for 6,000 yen), while Yuria is due out in late January at a cool 7,140 yen (1/7.5 scale, 19 cm tall) with a LED light-up base. Update: Amiami updated their listing with a full [ERO] gallery that reveals Yuria is in fact castoffable right down to her panties. Suddenly a rather more attractive item… (Outdated) Yuria gallery follows:

Figure News: new brand “First Class” official site online, lineup details scooped

I’m not quite sure how I missed this earlier as apparently the site has been up for some time, but figure maker First Class (official blog) is now open for business. They had a booth at Dream Party, which Moeyo! Akibajin Blog details here: the brand is apparently the brainchild of a fellow who calls himself kyo montana, and its maiden release lineup consists of the aforementioned Yuria Hyaku-shiki in December of this year, and Hitoyume‘s Hata Seika and Kozue Arine in January. Yuria is 1/7.5 scale (what?) while Seika and Arine are 1/8; all three are expected to retail at 6,800 yen. Pictures weren’t officially allowed at the event, but Moeyo recieved special permission; check out his coverage for further details, where the extended lineup (mostly bishoujo game figures) is also detailed. (no more)