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Gift’s Saber, Saber Lion Nendoroid, Shunya’s Nasuka preorders open

A trio of Goodsmile-distributed figures from disparate makers were “unsealed” for preorder last night at midnight, and listings have since gone up at several shops around the internet. The first is the long-awaited Fate/stay night Saber from rookie Solid Theater splinter brand Gift. Sculpted with baroque intricacy by Toda Satoshi of Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku, the first lot release of the figure also comes with a limited edition exchangeable face part sculpted by Kuramoto Ikuma of Millimeter Modeling. The figure is scheduled for release in December at 1/8 scale (18 cm tall) and 7,800 yen retail.

The second newly available figure is this Saber Lion Nendoroid, from the Capcom PSP game Fate/tiger colosseum (sic). The sculpt is from Akemichi, and the figure is scheduled to retail in December at typical Nendoroid spec (10 cm tall, three exchangeable face parts and a variety of foods/weapons to feed the hungry Saber). Retail price is 3,000 yen.

Last but not least, preorders are now open for Lilics’ / Art Storm’s Yamashita Shunya Character Series Vol. 2, Nasuka. She’s also scheduled for December release, clocking in at 1/6 scale and 24 cm tall with a sculpt from PVC newcomer (?) Yamazaki Shigeru. Like Kanaru before her the series continues in a decidedly posterior-centric vein, and also like Kanaru she’s scheduled to retail at 7,800 yen.

Figure images below:

Gift’s Toda Saber, in color

We first brought news of the new “just a desk” figure brand Gift a month ago when we saw the prototype of their Toda Satoshi (Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku)-sculpted Saber unveiled at a Akiba Blog.

Today the maker’s representative and sole employee Kanegon follows up his earlier coverage with a look at the kit’s color resin prototype, as painted by sculptor Toda himself. A clear view of the face won’t be revealed until Hobby Complex Osaka on May 25th (and in the hobby magazines scheduled for release on the same day), and there are no details of the PVC release yet, but from the visual evidence available this is looking like a pretty stunning kit. More on this in our Hobby Japan coverage toward the end of the month; for now, one of Akiba Blog’s pictures is reproduced below:

Rookie figure maker Gift announces Toda Saber PVC

Akiba Blog posted a column today that introduces the first PVC figure from a new maker called “Gift”: a Toda Satoshi (Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku) sculpted Saber from Fate/stay night. Very little is known about the maker or the project at this point, but a previous column introducing the company gives us some clues: apparently Gift is a one-man operation started by someone going by the name of “Kanegon” who was formerly an employee of Solid Theater. As of March the entire company consisted of one desk, and he’s relying on connections with other makers to get things off the ground. Beyond this Saber prototype the company’s future activities are unknown, but the latest post reveals that Saber will be on sale in kit form at the Yume no Kagutsuchi no Koukoku booth at Hobby Complex Osaka on May 25th. We’ll be keeping an eye out for an official site launch from the fledgling maker, as well as future news regarding the PVC version of the Saber in question. Another column from Kanegon is expected to appear on Akiba Blog in two weeks’ time. (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile presents a first look at Solid Theater’s Saber Alter, Shuraki #4

Toda Satoshi’s (Yume no Kagutsuchino Koukoku) Solid Theater produced, Goodsmile disributed Saber Alter arrived at Goodsmile’s offices today, according to the official Goodsmile blog. It features the fanatical attention to detail at a remarkably small scale that made his Kazeko kit so popular (with me at least), and unless my eyes are broken this time as well I’d say she’ll be a very popular item (who can resist a kit that looks like a cross between Saber and Diablo?). With her in Goodsmile hands we can expect preorders up soon. In other news from Goodsmile, Needa, the Yamashita Shunya designed fourth entry to the Shuraki multimedia figure series, has a color prototype of her kit online as well – complete with 360° rotating video. I’m really digging the zettai ryouiki on this one… :3 (no more)