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Wave presents Xecty, space Yoko, Aizawa Tomomi

As we reported on Saturday, official pages went online today for Wave’s soft-body Xecty from Shining Wind as well as two other figures we weren’t anticipating: Yoko “space look” version from Gurren Lagann and Aizawa Tomomi (maid type) from Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! 2.

Xecty is scheduled for release in September at 1/8 scale (18 cm long) and 6,825 yen retail, with a sculpt from Clumsy Craft Rei (homepage). Her body is composed of a soft, pliant material, and she comes with an extra exchangeable face part. Her shirt is castoffable. A Miyazawa limited pink version (500 units, 6,825 yen) and a DX version with telephone card (7,875 yen) will also be sold.

Yoko is due out in September as well, at 5,880 yen. She is 1/8 scale (17.5 cm tall) and was sculpted by Katsushima Kouichi (homepage). A Miyazawa limited special color version (6,930 yen) and a resin kit version (10,500 yen, June release) are also being produced.

Tomomi is scheduled for release in October, at a whopping 1/5 scale (height unspecified) and 10,290 yen retail. Her sculpt is from Misumaru Mashii (homepage), unsurprising given his portfolio.

Figure images below:

Shining figure update

The official Shining Series figure blog updated with news this evening that following Clalaclan Noir Kotobukiya will be releasing Shining Wind’s Ryuuna in PVC form, and the post includes a teaser shot of her prototype from behind as evidence. This will be the 9th figure in Kotobukiya’s Shining lineup, and tonight’s blog post indicates that at least three more are planned from the maker. In other Shining news, the “soft body” Xecty from Wave that we’ve been watching for the past several months will be unveiled at their official site at 11:00 AM on the morning of June 11th, according to very strong hints in this post. We’ll keep an eye out for preorders to appear over the noon hour on Wednesday. (no more)

Figure News: Wave’s summer lineup includes first ever Lucky Star PVCs

Wave unveiled a large chunk of their summer figure release lineup today, the most noteworthy items of which are certainly their Miko version Hiiragi Kagami and Hiiragi Tsukasa PVCs from Lucky Star. Both are non-scale (~14 cm tall) and expected to retail in late June at 4,095 yen each, with sculpts from Chizuru of Tsuru no Yakata; they’re also being offered together as a New Years-themed set and in an Amiami limited “roasted potato” set. These are the first proper PVCs announced of Lucky Star characters (though Nendoroid action figures and Petit Nendoroid trading figures are coming soon). If I were to guess why Wave announced them now instead of waiting for Wonder Festival it’s that they don’t want to be upstaged by other companies likely to announce similar figures at the event. We’ll keep an eye out for any such news, and have details on the rest of Wave’s summer lineup in tomorrow’s figure update. (no more)

Figure News: Etrian Odyssey Paladin, Buster Machine #7 coming from Wave

Figure maker Wave posted listings yesterday for two new PVC items: the first is the Female Paladin from Sekaiju no Meikyuu (Etrian Odyssey), with a sculpt from Eye Up. She’s due out in May at 4,935 yen, non-scale (16 cm tall). Next up is Buster Machine #7 (aka. Nono) from Top wo Nerae! 2, with a sculpt from Sakurazaka Miki of Cherry Blossom. She’s due out in June at 4,830 yen, and 1/10 scale (20 cm from head to toe). Preorders are online for both at Amiami, and should be up elsewhere soon. (no more)

Figure News: Shining Wind’s Elwin, Xecty see fresh PVC incarnations from Kotobukiya, Wave

Shine na Blog brings word today of two new Shining Wind figures in planning. The first is an Elwin / Elwyn (new costume ver.) PVC from Kotobukiya, 1/8 scale with a sculpt from Nakamura Hirotoshi. No news on price or release date is yet available; further information is expected in early spring. The second new figure is from Wave, and features Xecty in a sleeping pose. At 1/8 scale she’s speculated to be part of their DreamTech line, with an original pose based on an illustration from page five of the Shining Wind design works visual collection artbook. The figure’s gimmicks are a) a “soft part” torso extending down to her thighs, b) her one-piece dress is made of “very soft material”, and c) an exchangeable “sleeping face” head part. Some castoffability is implied, though the extent is not known. A color version of this figure is expected to be on display at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter on February 24th; we’ll be keeping an eye out for further information. (no more)

Figure News: galge figure preorder roundup

A few figures have been announced for preorder over the past couple of days that will likely only appeal to the fans of their respective bishoujo game franchises, but in aggregate are probably worth cataloging here: first up is the just-mentioned Noumi Kudoryafuka (Kudryavka) from Toy’sworks and all-ages galge Little Busters!; she’s due out in April at 1/8 scale (18 cm tall) with a sculpt from Akeji (Amiami search). Next is Kuze Kiriha, from Wave and August’s Fortune Arterial. She’s coming out in May at 1/8 scale (19.5 cm tall) and 5,775 yen retail, with a sculpt from Toukaimura Haraya (Amiami search). Finally, Resinya has a page online for their “portrait collection” series of 1/6 scale busts. The current lineup consists of heroines from Da Capo and Da Capo 2, with Asakura Otome, Asakura Yume and Shirakawa Nanaka coming in late February, and Asakura Nemu and Shirakawa Kotori coming in March, all at 5,800 yen (preorders coming soon). (no more)

Figure Review: Wave’s Takaya Noriko from Gunbuster (Top wo Nerae!)

Back when this figure was announced I was taken in by the cute simplicity of the interpretation of Noriko’s design, and put in a preorder on a whim. While I’m not the most hardcore Gunbuster fan I have fond memories of the show as a Gainax classic, and the fact that Noriko figures are still regularly being released after almost 20 years stands as a testament to its enduring legacy. Not all Norikos are created equal, though, so let’s take a look at what Wave’s recent attempt has to offer:

Figure News: Haruhi, Fortune Arterial, Keroro coming from Wave, Dynamite Kanu PVC sample up at Moeyo

Wave updated today with a few new items on their release lineup for next spring: Treasure Figure Collection Suzumiya Haruhi is coming out in May at 4,935 yen and 1/10 scale (16 cm tall), DreamTech Sendou Erika from the new August game Fortune Arterial will be out in late April at 5,775 yen, 1/8 scale with a sculpt from zenko, and Dark Keroro x Nasuka will be out in conjunction with the new Keroro Gunsou movie on in late January, but it may only be available in theaters in Japan (4,800 yen, non-scale, 15 cm tall). In other news Moeyo has a sample PVC review of Yamato’s [ERO] Dynamite Keikaku Kanu Unchou online, and she’s looking a good sight better than in Akiba Hobby’s review from a couple of weeks ago. She’s still on track for a December release, thank goodness… can’t wait to see her in person. :3 J-List still has her available for preorder if you’ve been on the fence. (no more)

Figure News: Wave presents Amami Haruka PVC from Idolmaster Xenoglossia, white swimsuit Tama-nee

Wave put an official site up today for an Amami Haruka PVC figure from Idolmaster: Xenoglossia. The sculpt is from Ogawa Youzou, and she’s scheduled for release in April of ’08 at 1/10 scale (11.5 cm tall) and 4,725 yen retail. With her listed at Wave’s official site preorders will likely appear shortly as well. In other news from Wave, they’re releasing a limited edition Kousaka Tamaki (white swimsuit ver.) PVC from To Heart 2 in commemoration of Mediaworks/Dengeki’s 15th anniversary. 500 copies will be available at the Dengeki Matsuri on November 24th-25th, with another 500 available for order online from the 26th. (no more)

Figure News: Wave Angel XX Nano series updated with three new figures

Wave is releasing a series of Angel XX Nano super-deformed figures to complement their already established Angel XX line, figures based loosely on the Angel designs from Evangelion and designed by illustrator Yoshizaki Mine. The XX nano page was updated today with listings for three new petit figures, Tabris XX Nano, Zeruel XX Nano, and Leliel XX Nano. They’re all due out in March of 2008, presumably at the same 1,890 yen price point as the earlier installments of the series (Sachiel and Lilith are due out in November). I’m really liking the look of the Leliel design myself. :3 (no more)