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Goodsmile presents Unity Yuuno

The official site of figure maker Goodsmile was updated today with a product entry for Unity Yuuno, the heroine of Unisonshift’s June ’08 Unity Marriage eroge. She clocks in at 1/8 scale (19 cm tall) and 6,800 yen, with release scheduled for December. The sculpt is from Tokunaga Hironori, and the figure is confirmed as an upper castoff. Images reproduced from the official site are available below:

[ERO] Figure News: Goodsmile’s Chu Chu Astram official page online

Buzz has been circulating through the figure blogs over the past few weeks regarding Goodsmile’s [ERO] Chu Chu Astram PVC figure from Unisonshift’s eroge Chu Chu Idol, and as of this morning her product page is online at Goodsmile’s official site! Featuring more castoff gimmicks than you can shake a stick at, she’s coming in at 1/8 scale (21.5 cm tall) and 6,800 yen retail, with release expected in May and a sculpt from Kaiya Hajime of Acetone. With her up at Goodsmile’s official site we can expect preorder listings soon. It’s likely this will be a very popular item indeed, so ordering ASAP is advised for those looking to secure their own copies. (no more)

Figure News: Dengeki 15th Anniversary figure fallout

Publishing company Mediaworks (parent of the Dengeki magazine lines) is holding a festival to mark the brand’s 15th anniversary this weekend at Makuhari Messe in Tokyo, and several figure makers were there to hawk their wares and unveil a few new items in the process. Word is still coming in from the event hall floor, but what we know at present is shown below:

[ERO] Goods News: Alice Parade “oppai mousepads” coming from Toys Planning

Hobby Stock put listings up last night for a pair of Toys Planning-produced contoured bust mouspads featuring two of the heroines of Unisonshift Blossom’s Alice Parade: Neko-san and Alice herself. Alice Parade goes on sale today (October 12th) and is probably the biggest release of the month, featuring designs by Itou Zatsuon (Itou Noiji‘s new ero-ero pen name). The announcement of these mousepads on the same day as the game’s release is no doubt not coincidental, though we’ll have to wait until November to get our hands on them when they retail at 3,990 yen each. Mousepad images below: