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NEWS FLASH: Type-Moon’s next PC game unveiled

The hour is finally upon us! Four years since the release of Fate/stay night and three since hollow ataraxia, what is arguably the most potent force in visual novels of this decade has finally announced their next PC game title: Mahou Tsukai no Yoru (魔法使いの夜). Translating literally as “night of the magic user” and given the official English subtitle of Witch on the Holy Night, full details on the game will be presented in a 25-page exclusive spread in the June 2008 edition of Tech Gian magazine, on sale April 21st. The tag line on the official site reads “two witches live in the mansion on the hill” (坂の上の屋敷には、二人の魔女が住んでいる / saka no ue no yashiki ni wa, futari no majo ga sundeiru). I’ll be picking up Tech Gian as usual on the 21st, but I expect Type-Moon fans far more competent and devoted than myself will carry the story forward from here. Update: EvoSpace of Akihabara Channel has much more detailed information on what we can expect in the game. (no more)

Figure News: Orchid Seed’s Magical Amber PVC from Tsukihime* up for preorder

First announced to be in production back at Wonder Festival, word is in from Amiami this evening that Orchid Seed‘s Magical Amber PVC figure is now up for preorder. Magical Amber is a character from the broader Tsukihime franchise, not explicitly created by Type Moon but authorized by them (I think – she apparently shows up in Character Material as well); I’m finding it virtually impossible to definitively source this character, but it seems she is a parody variant of Kohaku who appears in Melty Blood Re-ACT. The figure is scheduled for release in February of next year at 1/7 scale (23 cm tall) and 6,800 yen retail, with a sculpt from makeplus. (no more)