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Medicos launches second Queen’s Blade bust collection

Announced shortly after the original set went on sale (review pending), news on the second series of Medicom’s Chouzou Queen’s Blade Collection Figures has been sparse since last fall. An update over at the official Medicos blog breaks the long silence with a photo of the set’s Echidna prototype, and the news that she’ll be accompanied by Tomoe and Menace when released this coming October. The Tomoe and Menace prototypes will debut in Hobby Japan magazine; we’ll be keeping an eye out for them along with further news on this set as it becomes available. Image below:

Age Ultimate Characters 02 preorder open

Shining a spotlight on some more recent figure news, Volks has opened preorders at their official web shop for the Moekore (M.O.E. Collection) Age Ultimate Characters 02 trading figure set from Muv Luv. The set contains six characters from Muv Luv Alternative and Muv Luv Total Eclipse, including Suzumiya Haruka, Hayase Mitsuki, Suzumiya Akane, Kashiwagi Haruko, Kriska Barchenowa, and Inia Jestina. The set is available exclusively from Volks’ online shop and brick and mortar retail store locations, and is only available in box form (7,040 yen for a box of eight; Haruka and Mitsuki are doubles). The sculpt is from Takami Toshiaki (Zoukei-Mura), and figure size dimensions are undisclosed. The set is scheduled to retail in late April or early May.

In breaking news, samples of the set went on display at Volks locations in Akihabara, Nagoya, and Osaka today, and the official Volks blog took the scoop with detailed shots of each figure. Official product image below:

Toy’sworks presents Shana collection, Maid wo Nerae! Mochida Natsumi

Toy’sworks updated today with information on their product lineup for July and August, including a Solid Works Collection DX Shakugan no Shana Second set of trading figures from Shakugan no Shana II, due out in July at 735 yen each or a box of ten for 7,350 yen. The series consists of six figures “plus alpha” (probably some secret alternate color version), with the sword-wielding Shana ver. A standing tallest at 13 cm.

Next up is the Mochida Natsumi PVC from Dragon Age Pure manga Maid wo Nerae! that we scooped here last December. She’s coming at 1/8 scale (18 cm tall), with release expected in early August at 6,800 yen. Her sculptor is currently uncredited.

Pictures of both items below:

Figure News: January 22 news roundup

No rest for the wicked today as figure news picks up from Wonder Festival and other quarters. Volks represents with a Muv Luv trading figure set, Toy’sworks introduces a new Prism Ark Priecia figure, Shueisha’s Solid Selction ponies up a Hiiragi Aika from Mx0, Taki Corporation tackles Sonsaku Hakufu in an [ERO] castoff version, FREEing brings a mecha action figure + bishoujo combo Sonic Diver Reijin from Sky Girls, and the Goodsmile / Max Factory collective debut their Wonder Festival 2008 Winter limited edition offerings.

Figure News: Orchid’s Nao, CM’s’ Potemayo, Petit Nendoroid Lucky Star up for preorder

Amiami’s noon update brought news of a few new preorders of items we’ve discussed recently here: first up is Orchid Seed’s Mabinogi Nao kit that we first noted was in production earlier today; the Miyazawa version is also available, and if Amiami has her I’m guessing Hobby Search will too. Next is the CM’s soft vinyl Potemayo that we scooped last month; it’s retailing at 1/1 scale (25 cm tall) and 8,925 yen, with release scheduled for February. Finally a reminder from yesterday to mention that Goodsmile’s Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star trading figures are now up for preorder as well, with a box of 12 (5 x 2 standard variations + 1 secret + 1 double, presumably) retailing at 6,000 yen and set for February release. I wish they sold the two Akiras separately… (no more)

Figure News: Little Busters trading figures, Mamoru-kun bikini PVC pair coming from Toy’sworks

Word is in from GA Graphic this morning on two new figure projects in the wings from Toy’sworks: first is a Little Busters trading figure set featuring the heroines of Key’s latest galge, slated to see release in April of next year. The set of six figures consists of Kamikita Komari, Natsume Rin, Saigusa Haruka, Nishizono Mio, Noumi Kudoryafuka, and Kurugaya Yuiko, each retailing individually at 735 yen and approx. 10 cm tall. Sculpting duty is from Sugawara of sculpting circle Roughness. In other news, Takasu Ayako and Emelenzia Beatrix Rudiger from Mamoru-kun ni Megami no Shukufuku wo! are both seeing bikini-clad PVC renditions, Ayako in February and Emelenzia in March. Both are 1/8 scale, 5,800 yen retail and sculpted by Saitou Koushi of Megatech Body. Preorders for both the Little Busters set and the Mamoru-kun pair are expected within the next few days. (no more)

Figure News: FREEing’s Lucky Star trading figure collection vol. 2 unveiled

It was barely a month ago that we reported on the first volume of Lucky Star trading figures coming from FREEing, and today Goodsmile’s official site brings news that it will be followed by a second set. This new set is scheduled for release in January of next year at 420 yen per unit, with five characters and one secret, each approximately 5 cm tall. Included characters are Tamura Hiyori, Patricia Martin, Kobayakawa Yutaka, Iwasaki Minami, and Narumi Yui. We’re still awaiting news of Lucky Star in PVC… (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Medicos Queen’s Blade trading figure line confirmed, release details updated

A lot of news from over the weekend to process here today, but we’ll start with this: Hobby Channel posted last night with an updated profile of the Medicos Queen’s Blade trading figures we’ve been covering here recently, including the first color shots of Risty that have made their way online. The Hobby Channel post contains both the regular and alternate color of the three main figures in the set, and updates the details of the release in several significant ways: first is the price point, which is revealed at what may be a new record for trading figures at 1,260 yen per unit. The unit count per box has been raised from six to eight, and release is scheduled for “Spring 2008”. Hopefully this means preorders are on the horizon… (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Medicos Entertainment Queen’s Blade trading figures officially unveiled

The official Medicos Entertainment site yesterday posted an entry regarding their Queen’s Blade trading figure set (the same one featured in this month’s Hobby Japan, and listed on the official Queen’s Blade site for some time). The new Medicos post shows us Reina and Nowa in color, as well as providing further details about their release format: the set is scheduled to hit shelves in mid-February of next year with each figure at ~10 cm tall, though the price has yet to be announced (I’m guessing somewhere in the 700-800 yen range for this quality). The set will contain seven pieces: two color versions each of Reina, Nowa, and Risty, and one “secret”, and will be sold in boxes of six (DAMN YOU MEDICOS >:O). Preorders are scheduled to begin on November 1st, and pricing information along with Risty in color should be appearing soon. We’ll keep an eye out. (no more)

Figure News: Konami’s Gurren Lagann Figure Collection vol. 1 up for preorder

Hobby Stock posted a listing this afternoon for Konami’s Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Figure Collection vol. 1! It’s a six piece set that includes Yoko, Nia, Simon, Kamina, Gurren Lagann, and a rare Yoko (swimsuit version). Simon comes with replaceable drill, which can also be equipped on the robot; the larger figures are approximately 12 cm tall (sized in proportion to the earlier released Impact Model Lagann), and they’re set to retail in March of next year in a box of ten for 7,140 yen. Picture below:

Figure Errata: a reckoning of recent Ikkitousen offerings from Comic Gum and Goodsmile

Originally written as a reply to this post, what follows is an attempt to sort out the mess that was the past year in Ikkitousen figure releases (from Goodsmile and Comic Gum alone). Hopefully those tracking Ikkitousen releases will find the following list useful (and will correct me if there are any inaccuracies):

Figure News: Comic Gum presents limited edition Ikkitousen trading figure set

Word is in from the Comic Gum manga website that in commemoration of the magazine’s 11th anniversary they’re releasing a mail-order only Ikkitousen trading figure set. The set consists of six figures plus bases which can be combined into one big diorama, and runs a cool 5,800 yen; procurement is via the typical “clip out the magazine insert” arrangement, and while no release window is specified I’m guessing we’re looking at somewhere between February and April of ’08. Normally I’d pass this sort of thing over as just another cheap attempt to score extra magazine sales at the expense of international fans (which it is), but I thought it was worth mentioning because sculpting duty is from Shiragami Takayuki, aka he of the twisted torso and the Shiranui Mai kit we reviewed awhile ago (Amiami search). With him at the helm we can expect some really funky, dynamic sculpts out of this set and it’s a damn shame it’s so limited… we’ll keep an eye out in the event an alternate wide release version is announced. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: fourth “Eropon” ero+weapon trading figure series abandoned?

A bit of fallout from July’s Adult Treasure Expo 2007 may tragically be going by the wayside. Eropon, a series of [ERO] gashapon sets mostly featuring realistic bondage themes, unveiled its 4th series Eropon Ero+Weapon trading figures at the expo. A moe-themed departure from the lineup’s previous fare, for a month or so following the event a page was up here with a splash image advertising the release; when I went to investigate for this post however the entire Eropon page was usurped by some hideous porn beast. Not only that, but Eropon’s parent company Alfrex seems delinquent on their hosting payments as well (though Alfrex’s parent Treasure Works still seems somehow alive); while the pamphlet on display with the figures lists them as for sale in “winter 2007” we still have a sliver of hope, but it looks like all that may remain of these items are a few blog posts and (at least) one sad fan. (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile presents SMILE series V.I.P. trading figures

Moeyo! Akibajin Blog continues its coverage of last Sunday’s Dream Party with the scooping of a very nice set of character trading figures from classic Leaf games, the SMILE V.I.P. series. The series is based on illustrations from Axia‘s V.I.P. trading cards, and includes Takase Mizuki and Ooba Eimi from Comic Party, Yuzuhara Konomi and Komaki Manaka from To Heart 2, and Kamigishi Akari and Multi from the original To Heart. No pricing or release date information is yet known, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this one. (no more)

Figure News: Lucky Star trading figure set coming from FREEing

Word is in from the official Goodsmile page today that FREEing, known until now for its 1/4 scale Haruhi figure line, will be shrinking down to the 5 centimeter scale with this Lucky Star Figure Collection. The trading figure set is due for release in January of ’08 at 420 yen per figure, with a total of five figures + one secret, each with exchangeable parts included. Not sure at this point how many figures will be included in a box, but we’ll keep an eye out for preorder info. Update: according to Amiami’s product listing each box will contain ten figures and retail at 4,200 yen. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Tony-designed Ciel game capsule figure set announced from Millennium

Ciel put a page up on their official site yesterday detailing the release of a Digital Gals Paradise Figure Collection Ciel Limited Collector’s Figure ~Tony Illustration Games~ gashapon set. Entries are from Mitama ~Shinobu~, Sora no Iro Mizu no Iro, Genmukan, After…, and Arcana, plus one secret; they’re due out in December at 500 yen each. As is typical of Millennium offerings the sculpts and paint jobs here look pretty atrocious, but for the price nothing similar really exists. :/ Illustrator Taka Tony’s homepage can be found here. (no more)