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Taki’s Minamoto Chizuru preorder open

Preorders are now open for a new Minamoto Chizuru PVC figure from Kanokon and Taki Corporation. She’s scheduled for release in November at 1/8 scale (height unspecified) and 5,229 yen, with the sculptor currently uncredited. The figure has been confirmed as a full castoff, though uncensored images are not yet available; the sole image from the official listing can be found below:

Tonko follows Menma to the Taki chopping block

Amiami’s evening update today included a preorder listing for a Cutey Tonko PVC figure from Ramen Tenshi Pretty Menma, the fictional eroge created to inhabit the second season of the Genshiken anime. She’s due out in late June at 23 cm tall (no scale specified, presumably 1/7) and 9,240 yen retail; as is usual for Taki no sculptor is specified either. From the gallery provided it seems she’s a full castoff. Tonko is one of the angels vying for the protagonist’s affections in Pretty Menma, and this listing follow’s Taki’s earlier announcement of Menma herself, also scheduled for June release. Gallery below:

Taki Corp. does nekomimi mode Ryomou Shimei

Figure maker Taki Corporation, king of the Ikkitousen figure conveyor belt, is at it again – this time with a new catgirl maid rendition of Ryomou Shimei. She’s due out in PVC in June, at full Taki price of 9,240 yen, 25 cm tall (scale unspecified), fully castoffable with a choice of two costumes and matching arm and leg configurations (nekomimi maid, and standard blue French maid). Additional gimmicks include an exhcangeable face part, handcuff accessories, and her maid apron removable to reveal a heart-shaped cutout that exposes her breasts. While they still don’t go to the trouble of crediting their sculptors the face on this one looks decent, and with the few design innovations present this is a somewhat tempting kit despite the poor paint job… images below:

Taki Corp. announces Kanu Unchou (swimsuit ver.)

Online shop Web Omocha posted a listing this evening for yet another PVC incarnation of Ikkitousen‘s Kanu Unchou, a castoffable swimsuit version from infamous maker Taki Corporation. This new figure is a measurable departure from earlier entries in their Kanu lineup, firstly due to the price – a relatively modest 7,140 yen retail. Unlike previous versions she only comes with a single costume and is very slightly smaller roughly the same size at 25 cm tall (no scale specified Amiami’s listing pegs her at 1/7 scale); from the images available it seems the face sculpt may be a significant improvement over former attempts as well, though no sculptor information is specified. She’s set for release in June, so we’ll see then if this is the turning of a new leaf for Taki or merely another page in their sordid history of unfortunate figure creations. Images below:

Taki Corp. announces Ikkitousen nurse trio

Online hobby shop Digitamin put up preorder listings today for three new PVC offerings from figure maker Taki Corporation, all from Ikkitousen and all scheduled for release in late May at 5,040 yen. First is a Kanu Unchou (nurse ver.), who clocks in at 1/9 scale and comes with a set of extra dark-stockinged legs. Second is a Sonsaku Hakufu (nurse ver.), at 1/8 scale and also with an extra set of leg parts (with different color underwear); finally there’s a Ryomou Shimei (nurse ver.), who is 1/8 scale and the front of her blouse is apparently castoffable. Sculptor information for all three figures is currently unavailable. With preorders up at Digitamin they should appear elsewhere shortly; currently available images can be found below: Update: image gallery updated:

Figure Review: Taki Corporation’s Kanu Unchou (China dress / school swimsuit ver.)

I swore off Taki figures shortly after reviewing their first Kanu last fall, yet here we are with a review of the recently released china dress version. Am I an idiot? Maybe (probably, yes), but at least I’ll acknowledge my addiction… Read on for a look at just what a weakness for marginally sexy castoff sculpts will get you:

Figure News: Hayate no Gotoku Maria, Otoboku Suouin Kana PVC preorders open

Amiami put up preorder listings over the noon hour today for a pair of unexpected new figures. First up is the first ever PVC from Hayate no Gotoku, Taki Corporation’s rendition of Maria. In a break with Taki’s other PVC lineup she’s not significantly castoffable, and is much cheaper: 4,515 yen for the 1/8 scale (21 cm tall) kit, due out in late March. The second new figure announcement is from Rana, a maker more known for their kitschy toys than their bishoujo figures, and features Suouin Kana (summer clothes ver.) from Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru. The figure package includes both a standard version and an SD version of the character, and retails in May at 7,140 yen and 1/8 scale (18 cm tall, 10 cm for the SD version). (no more)

Figure News: January 22 news roundup

No rest for the wicked today as figure news picks up from Wonder Festival and other quarters. Volks represents with a Muv Luv trading figure set, Toy’sworks introduces a new Prism Ark Priecia figure, Shueisha’s Solid Selction ponies up a Hiiragi Aika from Mx0, Taki Corporation tackles Sonsaku Hakufu in an [ERO] castoff version, FREEing brings a mecha action figure + bishoujo combo Sonic Diver Reijin from Sky Girls, and the Goodsmile / Max Factory collective debut their Wonder Festival 2008 Winter limited edition offerings.

[ERO] Figure News: Taki Corporation’s Ryomou Shimei PVC from Ikkitousen up for preorder

Amiami and Hobby Stock both represent today with the news that Taki Corporation‘s Ryomou Shimei PVC figure (first scooped here) is now available for preorder! As mentioned in our earlier coverage her maid outfit can be replaced by a bunny girl suit, and while there’s no visual evidence, based on the way her parts come together we can be sure that like Kanu before her she’s a full castoff job. She clocks in at 1/6 scale and is due out in late January at 9,240 yen retail; Amiami has a large gallery online for those contemplating the purchase. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Taki Corporation presents Ikkitousen’s Ryomou Shimei in full castoff

GA Graphic brings the scoop this evening that (in)famous rookie figure brand Taki Corporation will be producing a PVC figure of Ikkitousen‘s Ryomou Shimei that, like the rest of their lineup, is looking to be fully castoffable. Unlike Taki’s Kanu Unchou they’re not content to merely strip Ryomou down, providing her with a bunny suit and an alternate pair of legs to change into should she tire of her standard maid outfit. For those interested the figure clocks in at 1/6 scale (15.7 cm tall) and is scheduled to go on sale in January at 9,240 yen; while her production quality doesn’t look much better than what we’ve seen from Taki before I have to confess to being tempted by the prospect of a nekkid Ryomou adorning my shelf… Pilfered GA gallery below:

[ERO] Figure News: Taki Corporation’s Komaki Ikuno PVC from To Heart 2 up for preorder

Word is in from Amiami last night that Taki Corporation‘s Komaki Ikuno (DVD jacket ver.) PVC figure is now up for preorder. Based on the jacket illustration from volume 2 of the To Heart 2 OVA, she’s meant to come as a pair with her older sister Manaka. She’s set for release in December at 25 cm tall (16 scale?) and a retail price of 9,240 yen, and is fully castoffable; with a face sculpt that could be use to frighten small children I’m not sure who will be in the market for such a misshapen item, but she’s out there now for fans to pass their own judgement. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Taki Corporation’s full castoff Komaki Manaka from To Heart 2 up for preorder

Amiami has a preorder listing up today for a new Komaki Manaka (DVD jacket ver.) PVC figure from To Heart 2 coming from Taki Corporation in November. The single artifacted image currently available doesn’t give a good idea of what the final kit will look like, but the face sculpt is highly suspicious indeed… like Taki’s other recent offerings Manaka will be fully castoffable, and stands 25 cm tall with a retail price of 9,240 yen. In a (perhaps horrific) turn of events Taki announces here that a Komaki Ikuno kit is in the works as well, for release in December, intended as a companion for her older sister; this would be a great concept but for the infamous reputation for quality that Taki is rapidly gaining (could they possibly bulk out Manaka’s school uniform any more?). We’ll be keeping an eye on these, but not with a great deal of anticipation. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Doukyuusei’s Sakuragi Mai coming in full castoff PVC from Taki Corporation

The Kotobukiya web shop has a preorder listing up today for a Sakuragi Mai PVC figure from Elf’s 1992 bishoujo game classic Dokyuusei. She’s from Taki Corporation, the same company that brought us the recently reviewed full castoff Kanu Unchou, and is scheduled for release in November at 1/6 scale (20 cm tall) and a retail price of 9,240 yen. While the pose is rather appealing, with a face sculpt resembling that of a blowup doll and shoulder seams clearly visible I’m not seeing how this will sell as anything other than pure (and expensive) cheesecake. Edit: The listing mentions that Narusawa Yui from Doukyuusei 2 will be released by Taki as well in the near future; we’ll keep an eye out for her. (no more)