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Volks’ Masou Shizuka, Nanbu Kaguya prototypes unveiled

Those following the saga of the Alice Soft x Volks figure collaboration project over the past several months were rewarded late last night with the posting over at GA Graphic of the first official look at the prototype for the fan-selected #1 popular Rance series character, Masou Shizuka. Preorders for the PVC figure are expected to open on Monday, August 25th, exclusive to Volks’ online shop and brick and mortar locations, so a proxy buy will be necessary for international fans. Release is scheduled for “this winter”, and she retails at 7,140 yen and 1/6 scale (23 cm tall) with a sculpt from Kamio Rintarou (A-Brand).

Also new from Volks is word that the amply-chested Nanbu Kaguya, heroine of Mugen no Frontier: Super Robot Wars OG Saga, is to receive the figure treatment. She’s also scheduled for a winter release, at 7,875 yen and 1/7 scale (28 cm tall), with a sculpt from Chorosuke (A-Brand). Release is once again exclusive to Volks online and terrestrial shops, with preorders opening on August 25th. This combined with her abundant appearance at Comiket 74 mark a meteoric rise to popularity for a character who hit the market just last May, and we can expect to see more from her in the coming months.

Images ganked from GA Graphic below:

[ERO] Figure News: Toy’sworks’ SRW Kusuha Mizuha (onsen ver.) official page online

Toy’sworks’ Super Robot Wars Original Generation Kusuha Mizuha onsen figure we reported on recently now has an official page online! The page confirms details already known (she’s scheduled for release in April of next year at 5,800 yen and 1/8 scale, 12 cm tall) and notes that the sculpt is from zenko of circle Iousen. There are shots of the kit from several angles, but still nothing to definitively confirm a castoff… zenko is an old hand at castoff figures however, which leads one to some cautious hope. We’ll be keeping an eye on this lineup from Toy’sworks as further news emerges. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Toy’sworks presents Super Robot Wars’ Kusuha Mizuha, in the nude

Figure Maker Toy’sworks today announced the production of a new figure line dubbed Suparobo no Yu (“Super Robot’s Hot Water”), a series featuring the heroines of the Super Robot Wars franchise in their birthday suits, lounging casually in an onsen. The first entry to the series is the popular Kusuha Mizuha, introduced in this image as 1/8 scale (12 cm tall) and set for release in April of next year at 5,800 yen retail. We don’t have absolute proof of her castoffability (or any idea of what’s under the towel should it prove to be removable), but this is one ero-ero figure regardless… we’ll keep an eye out for further news. Toy’sworks promotional image below: