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Shining Force EXA Riemsianne preorder open

For figure fans with deep pockets, the latest in President Japan (Eye Scream)’s line of Shining-series figures, scooped back in April, appeared for preorder in tonight’s Amiami update: Riemsianne, from Shining Force EXA. She’s scheduled for release in late August at 1/8 scale (44 cm tall, 37 cm wide, 22.3 cm deep – box dimensions? Text listing says 39 cm tall). The retail price is 17,640 yen, and sculptor information is unknown. Pictures of this impressive kit can be found below:

Shining Force EXA’s Riemsianne announced

We got our first glimpse of her back in February, and today President Japan sub-brand Eye Scream updated their product lineup with an entry for their Riemsianne PVC from Shining Force EXA. She’s scheduled for release in August at 1/8 scale, 37 cm tall, and 16,800 yen retail (ouch…). With her listed on the official Eye Scream page preorders should be opening shortly. Sculptor information is currently unknown, but we’ve got pictures below:

First Class Shining Force EXA Cyrille preorder open

Preorder listings went online today for newcomer figure brand First Class‘s second bishoujo PVC project, Shining Force EXA‘s Cyrille (regular ver.) and Cyrille (olive nekomimi ver.). Both versions are due out in June at 6,090 yen and 1/8 scale (26 cm tall, base included) with a sculpt from Mamecchi; the cat ears on the nekomimi version are removable, and the kits are otherwise identical beyond a slight difference in facial expression, so the production of an obviously more feature-poor standard edition is a bit of a puzzle. In other First Class news, a page is up on their official site for their Genjo Sanzo PVC from Saiyuki. He’s due out in May at 6,090 yen (non-scale, 200 cm tall) with a sculpt from BIRTH, comes with a LED base, and is available in advance preorder from Animate in white and denim versions (full preorder coming soon). Cyrille images below:

Goods News: Shining Wind, Shining Force EXA hug pillows coming from Machi Chara

Shining Wind‘s Xecty Ein and Cyrille from Shining Force EXA are to recieve hug pillows featuring their illustrations, according to the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute. Xecty is 140 x 60 cm while Cyrille is 140 x 45 cm, both are double-sided and expected to retail on November 30th at 10,500 yen. Preorders open at Machi Chara on October 11th, and will probably appear at Hobby Search and other locations shortly thereafter. Most of the illustrations here seem recycled and not particularly fit for pillow use, though the reverse side of Cyrille’s offering certainly has some redeeming qualities… Pictures below: