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Figure News Roundup: Saber Alter, Shuraki, Win-chan, Manaka cold cast

A few updates on figures we’ve been covering over the past few days: Solid Theater’s Saber Alter is now up at the maker’s official site, up at Goodsmile, and up for preorder. More interesting is the news that she is 1/8 scale, but she was resculpted based on a 1/10 kit (see the lowest picture in that entry). She retails in March at 6,800 yen (ouch) with a sculpt from Toda Satoshi. In Shuraki news, Vol. 2 Riu Meifeng shipped from Goodsmile yesterday and is shipping from wholesalers today. Vol. 4 Needa was also updated today with a first look at the interior of the artbook that accompanies her – very tasty stuff. Finally, the new Win-chan we mentioned earlier today is now up for preorder in both regular and limited edition colors, and New Line has a preorder listing up for a Komaki Manaka cold cast (March release, 1/6 scale, 24 cm tall, 14,490 yen retail) that justice demands see a PVC release at half the price. Justice! (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Doukyuusei’s Sakuragi Mai coming in full castoff PVC from Taki Corporation

The Kotobukiya web shop has a preorder listing up today for a Sakuragi Mai PVC figure from Elf’s 1992 bishoujo game classic Dokyuusei. She’s from Taki Corporation, the same company that brought us the recently reviewed full castoff Kanu Unchou, and is scheduled for release in November at 1/6 scale (20 cm tall) and a retail price of 9,240 yen. While the pose is rather appealing, with a face sculpt resembling that of a blowup doll and shoulder seams clearly visible I’m not seeing how this will sell as anything other than pure (and expensive) cheesecake. Edit: The listing mentions that Narusawa Yui from Doukyuusei 2 will be released by Taki as well in the near future; we’ll keep an eye out for her. (no more)