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Asougi Rin, Yatsuhiro Nanaka hug pillows

Online shop Getchu updated this evening with preorder listings for two new hug pillowcases from goods maker Matching World / Machi Chara: Asougi Rin from Mnemosyne, and Yatsuhiro Nanaka from Myself; Yourself. Both pillowcases are double-sided and feature original character illustrations, are 150 x 50 cm in size and printed on “smooth knit” cotton/spandex blend fabric, with zipper fasteners attached. They both retail at 10,500 yen (case only) and are scheduled for release on June 27th. Images below:

Mainichi Junk: C73 roundup, anime news, etc.

It’s a general roundup of news from the past few days in another installment of the increasingly inaccurately named Mainichi Junk! We’ve got stuff from all corners of the otakuverse today, starting with a heaping helping of Comic Market 73 (the latest on Momoi’s AX DVD, Keumaya’s new doujin figure project, and hug pillows galore), new moves on the anime scene (trailers for Mnemosyne, Code Geass season 2, and Kite Liberator), eroanime news (featuring a new Pixy title in the “valkyrie vs. orc” genre), a few bits of figure gossip (Orchid’s Erika shipping for reals, Donne Anonime too, and Shuraki mangafication) and a new MOSAIC.WAV eroge movie that is certainly worth your viewing time.

Anime News: AT-X commemorates 10th anniversary with the production of TV anime Mnemosyne

The official site for Mnemosyne was unveiled a few weeks ago, but today Moon Phase Diary brings news of an Anime Fan News scoop that fleshes out what we know about the title (and provides a piece of rather provocative character art to ruminate on). The show is being produced by GENCO and XEBEC in commemoration of satellite cable channel AT-X’s 10th anniversary, and is scheduled to air in six 45 minute episodes beginning in February of 2008. Character concepts are from eroge designer Chuuou Higashiguchi (known for his work on several Nitro+ games and Propeller’s Bullet Butlers, most recently), scriptwriting is by Oonogi Hiroshi, with direction from Ueda Shigeru. The show is described by Moon Phase as “erotic and violence SF action”, and speculated to carry an “R” (15+?) rating as a result. This is one we’ll be keeping an eye on as production advances… (no more)