A final figure item to round out the work week comes in the delightful news from Toy’sworks that they’re producing a pair of figures sure to catch the attention of a lot of fans who didn’t expect them (myself included): first up is a PVC rendition of Clare, heroine of the Claymore manga and anime. She’s scheduled for release in June at 5,800 yen, 1/8 scale (13 cm tall) and comes with a removable cloak and exchangeable face part. Next up is Miyamoto Rei, heroine of Highschool of the Dead, the pulp zombie horror manga by Satou Shouji / INAZUMA of doujin circle Digital Accel Works. She goes on sale in May, at 1/8 scale (12 cm tall) with “sexy body parts” and her trademark pole included; the elevated price of 7,800 yen reflects both the extra torso and the “castoff tax” we’ve seen emerge over the past year or so – a tax I’ll gladly pay, in this case. Pictures below: