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Miyabiya’s Bible Black Minase Yukiko preorder open (updated)

Online shop Web Omocha brings the surprise announcement this evening that the next figure in rookie maker Miyabiya‘s lineup will be Bible Black‘s Minase Yukiko. Like Imari Kurumi and Takashiro-sensei before her she’s sculpted by Souden Sonamae, and is scheduled for release in September at 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) and 5,670 yen retail. Her halter top and skirt are both castoffable. Update: full image gallery below:

Figure Review: Miyabiya’s Bible Black Imari Kurumi

When we first came across this kit last November I was excited by the prospect of a Bible Black figure coming from a maker other than the infamous C-Works. As the flagship release from a maker new to the scene I felt Miyabiya’s Imari was worth checking out, and the previews painted a guardedly optimistic picture of what lay in store – but just how does she stack up against the competition? Read on!

[ERO] Figure News: Miyabiya’s Bible Black Imari Kurumi PVC up for preorder (updated)

Amiami’s noon update today included a listing for rookie maker Miyabiya’s first project, an [ERO] Imari Kurumi PVC figure from Bible Black. First scooped by us (mistakenly as a C-Works item) back at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition, last month’s issue of Hobby Japan brought clarification as to her origins and a decent sized prototype image of the figure, along with release details that are confirmed today: she’ll be available in March at 5,040 yen retail and 1/8 scale (15 cm tall), with a castoffable bra part and apparently three options for clothing her lower half, implying castoffability there too. The sculpt is from heretofore unknown creator Souden Sonamae, based on the cover illustration of volume 3 of the original Bible Black R2 DVD release. More information and color images as we find them; prototype and DVD cover images below. Update: color images of the kit have been found! See below: