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Medicos launches second Queen’s Blade bust collection

Announced shortly after the original set went on sale (review pending), news on the second series of Medicom’s Chouzou Queen’s Blade Collection Figures has been sparse since last fall. An update over at the official Medicos blog breaks the long silence with a photo of the set’s Echidna prototype, and the news that she’ll be accompanied by Tomoe and Menace when released this coming October. The Tomoe and Menace prototypes will debut in Hobby Japan magazine; we’ll be keeping an eye out for them along with further news on this set as it becomes available. Image below:

[ERO] Figure News: Medicos Queen’s Blade trading figures up for preorder

Following recent coverage on the official Medicos blog as well as at Hobby Channel the listing of this item was only a matter of time, and today Getchu represents with the scoop: Medicos’s Chouzou Queen’s Blade Collection vol. 1 is now officially up for preorder. The figures are roughly 10 cm tall, and the box set of eight units (three standard and three alternate colors, plus secret) will retail in mid-February at the whopping price of 10,080 yen. New information up with the listing includes word that Saitoh Heel is on sculpting duty, and that the armor and equipment are completely separate parts. A bit of a bitter pill to swallow for those of us expecting a more reasonable price point, but still a very nice item provided the production quality holds up. Picture below:

[ERO] Figure News: Medicos Queen’s Blade trading figure line confirmed, release details updated

A lot of news from over the weekend to process here today, but we’ll start with this: Hobby Channel posted last night with an updated profile of the Medicos Queen’s Blade trading figures we’ve been covering here recently, including the first color shots of Risty that have made their way online. The Hobby Channel post contains both the regular and alternate color of the three main figures in the set, and updates the details of the release in several significant ways: first is the price point, which is revealed at what may be a new record for trading figures at 1,260 yen per unit. The unit count per box has been raised from six to eight, and release is scheduled for “Spring 2008”. Hopefully this means preorders are on the horizon… (no more)