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Anime News: Macross Frontier official site grand open

The official site for spring ’08 TV anime Macross Frontier (Wikipedia) staged a full renovation today, with sections open detailing the story, mechanics, characters, music, and staff credits for the show. In addition, the information section was updated with the news that spinoff manga will be serialized in both Shounen Ace (starting in the February ’08 issue, already on sale) and Comp Ace (starting in the April issue, out on 2/26) magazines, and that a “25th Anniversary MACROSS MUSEUM” will be on display at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter. The exhibit will include new promotional footage from Macross F as well as a history of Valkyrie models on display, a talk show featuring artist Tenjin Hidetaka and modeler Yamazaki Gunsou, a karaoke contest, and more. We’ll stay on top of this as more details come to light! (no more)

Anime News: original Macross TV series and Do You Remember Love to see 25th anniversary remaster

Animeanime reports today that as part of the Macross 25th anniversary renewal that is also producing the new Macross F TV series, the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross and subsequent film Do You Remember Love? are to be rereleased in “high definition remastered” DVD editions in the next several months. The special edition of Do You Remember Love is coming first on December 21st of this year, at 10,980 yen with two discs of supplementary material beyond the actual film; the standard DYRL release comes out on the same day at 7,140 yen. The TV series will be released in a box set on February 22nd 2008, at 39,900 yen and includes 60 minutes of extra material. Now if only they’d announce English subtitles on these… (no more)