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Editor’s Desk: The Pizza Frontier

When word came out that Pizza Hut Japan would be doing a time-limited cross promotion with Macross F, I knew that I had to get in on the action. I’d missed the Marimite crossover, I’d missed the Geass crossover, but I’d be damned if I was going to let a box adorned with Ranka and Sheryl pass un-greasespotted by pizza that was meant for my stomach! What follows is the tale of a surprisingly short journey to the final frontier – not of space, but of arterial blockage:

Anime News: Macross F trailer online

We’ve been tracking the production of Macross F since it was first announced in March that a new “utahime” was being sought to star in it. She was found, and today we get our first look at Satelight‘s tour de force that brings together the talent of mech designer and writer Kawamori Shouji, composer Kanno Youko, character designer Ebata Risa (responsible for [ERO] this) and director Kikuchi Yasuhito in a trailer, at least, that is looking quite simply spectacular. The series seems to be Kawamori’s to screw up at this point, but hopefully the rest of the production staff won’t let his more bizarre flights of fancy get too far out of hand. We’ll be watching closely for further news! (no more)