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Figma Izumi Konata, Fate T. Harlaown preorders open

As we reported last night, preorders were unsealed today at noon for the two latest entries in Max Factory’s Figma action figure lineup: Izumi Konata (winter uniform ver.) from Lucky Star and Fate T. Harlaown (barrier jacket ver.) from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. Both are scheduled for release in July, non-scale (~13 cm tall), with Konata coming at 2,500 yen and Fate at 2,800 yen. Both sculpts are credited to Masaki Apsy and Max Factory. Figure images below:

WHF Ariake 18: Lucky Star, Gurren Lagann, Vocaloid

The fervor surrounding Lucky Star, Gurren Lagann, and the Vocaloid virtual idol character Hatsune Miku (and now Kagamine Rin and Len) has continued strong since the summer of last year, and WHF Ariake 18 saw a fresh crop of kits emerge based on these popular franchises. We’ve got a round up of many of them below (and a few older ones as well), for your perusing pleasure:

Lucky Star Petit Nendoroid Season 2 preorder open

We reported last week that they would be up for preorder on the 2nd, but it seems the listing was delayed by a day: Goodsmile’s Lucky Star Petit Nendoroid Season 2 trading figures (from Lucky Star) are now available for general release preorder at online shops around the internet. Amiami’s listing confirms the lineup we had scooped earlier, with a box of 12 retailing at 6,000 yen and release expected in June. Further details and images below:

Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star Season 2 preorder begins April 2nd

According to an update to Goodsmile’s official Nendoroid site today, preorders will commence on April 2nd for the Lucky Star Season 2 Petit Nendoroid trading figure set. As with the first set, the figures will be available in advance (mid-June) via the Circle K / Sankus convenience store chain, as well as via its online shop Tokimeki Mall, where a preorder page is already online. The figures measure 6.5 cm tall (non-scale) and are available at 500 yen each or in a box of 12 for 6,000 yen; regular retail sale is scheduled to begin in late June. The set is composed of 10 figures plus one secret; the ten include Kuroi Nanako (teacher and white shirt vers.), Kobayakawa Yutaka (winter uniform and cheerleader vers.), Izumi Konata (winter uniform and maid vers.), Iwasaki Minami (winter uniform and gym uniform vers.), and Tamura Hiyori (winter and summer uniform vers.). The silhouette of the secret hints strongly that it will be a petit version of the event-limited Konata Saber cosplay Nendoroid that was released at Wonder Festival. Images below:

Figure News: Wave’s summer lineup includes first ever Lucky Star PVCs

Wave unveiled a large chunk of their summer figure release lineup today, the most noteworthy items of which are certainly their Miko version Hiiragi Kagami and Hiiragi Tsukasa PVCs from Lucky Star. Both are non-scale (~14 cm tall) and expected to retail in late June at 4,095 yen each, with sculpts from Chizuru of Tsuru no Yakata; they’re also being offered together as a New Years-themed set and in an Amiami limited “roasted potato” set. These are the first proper PVCs announced of Lucky Star characters (though Nendoroid action figures and Petit Nendoroid trading figures are coming soon). If I were to guess why Wave announced them now instead of waiting for Wonder Festival it’s that they don’t want to be upstaged by other companies likely to announce similar figures at the event. We’ll keep an eye out for any such news, and have details on the rest of Wave’s summer lineup in tomorrow’s figure update. (no more)

Figure News: January 22 news roundup

No rest for the wicked today as figure news picks up from Wonder Festival and other quarters. Volks represents with a Muv Luv trading figure set, Toy’sworks introduces a new Prism Ark Priecia figure, Shueisha’s Solid Selction ponies up a Hiiragi Aika from Mx0, Taki Corporation tackles Sonsaku Hakufu in an [ERO] castoff version, FREEing brings a mecha action figure + bishoujo combo Sonic Diver Reijin from Sky Girls, and the Goodsmile / Max Factory collective debut their Wonder Festival 2008 Winter limited edition offerings.

WHF Ariake 17: Hatsune Miku, Gurren Lagann, Lucky Star

In addition to recently popular standards of the garage kit repertoire (Nanoha, Touhou, Rozen Maiden), World Hobby Festival Ariake 17 saw the emergence of some new titles that are currently taking hold of the fan imagination in Japan. Chief among these at the event were virtual idol Vocaloid Hatsune Miku, the cast of Gurren Lagann, and Lucky Star, all of which saw a sharp rise in representation since the last figure event covered by HD. Check out the many offerings below for a look at the cutting edge of what’s heating up the winter ’07 garage kit world!

Figure News: Orchid’s Nao, CM’s’ Potemayo, Petit Nendoroid Lucky Star up for preorder

Amiami’s noon update brought news of a few new preorders of items we’ve discussed recently here: first up is Orchid Seed’s Mabinogi Nao kit that we first noted was in production earlier today; the Miyazawa version is also available, and if Amiami has her I’m guessing Hobby Search will too. Next is the CM’s soft vinyl Potemayo that we scooped last month; it’s retailing at 1/1 scale (25 cm tall) and 8,925 yen, with release scheduled for February. Finally a reminder from yesterday to mention that Goodsmile’s Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star trading figures are now up for preorder as well, with a box of 12 (5 x 2 standard variations + 1 secret + 1 double, presumably) retailing at 6,000 yen and set for February release. I wish they sold the two Akiras separately… (no more)

Figure News: Nendoroid Petit Lucky Star, Yuria Hyaku-shiki “Lightning Figure” up for preorder

A couple more bits of figure news to report over the noon hour today: the “first season” of Lucky Star Nendoroid Petit trading figures is now available for preorder at online shop Tokimeki Mall, and should be up elsewhere soon as well. I wonder what the secret figure is? Also, Amiami’s noon update today included rookie brand First Class‘s maiden release (scooped here), Yuria Hyaku-shiki (advanced prototype love doll heroine of the eponymous manga). The Lucky Star trading figures are due out in February at 500 yen each and 10+1 variations (a 12-unit box goes for 6,000 yen), while Yuria is due out in late January at a cool 7,140 yen (1/7.5 scale, 19 cm tall) with a LED light-up base. Update: Amiami updated their listing with a full [ERO] gallery that reveals Yuria is in fact castoffable right down to her panties. Suddenly a rather more attractive item… (Outdated) Yuria gallery follows:

Magazine Review: Comp H’s (Comp Heroines) Vol. 7

The most recent edition of bishoujo anime magazine Comp H’s came in yesterday, complete with its usual passel of pinup posters (alliteration not included) and the obligatory dose of Kadokawa mandated Kyoani tie-ups (mostly Lucky Star). Read on for a preview of the poster selection as well as the other goodies bundled with this issue of the delicious ‘zine!

Figure News: Nendoroid Hatsune Miku, Lucky Star Petit series unveiled – UPDATE – Miku preorder?!

Scans have begun leaking on 2chan’s Mokeiura board from this month’s issue of Hobby Japan magazine, and the first to surface is the revelation that explosively popular virtual idol Hatsune Miku is to see a Nendoroid rendition come next March. She’s listed with a price point of 3,000 yen and typical Nendoroid accessories, clocking in at 10 cm tall. Revealed simultaneously is the news that a Nendoroid Petit series featuring the main female cast of Lucky Star (Konata, Kagami, Tsukasa, Miyuki, and Akira) is to be released! The figures will go on sale in March at 500 yen each and are approx. 6.5 cm tall. As far as we know neither are scheduled to be limited in the way that the full size Lucky Star Nendoroid release was. HJ magazine scan below. 16:30 Update: online shop Rakuten Sproutoy briefly had Miku up for preorder a few minutes ago, complete with color image (see below). Word is that she does in fact come with a leek…. She sold out in seconds, and is likely to disappear equally quickly wherever she appears. We’ll be keeping an eye out for any further info.

Figure News: FREEing’s Lucky Star trading figure collection vol. 2 unveiled

It was barely a month ago that we reported on the first volume of Lucky Star trading figures coming from FREEing, and today Goodsmile’s official site brings news that it will be followed by a second set. This new set is scheduled for release in January of next year at 420 yen per unit, with five characters and one secret, each approximately 5 cm tall. Included characters are Tamura Hiyori, Patricia Martin, Kobayakawa Yutaka, Iwasaki Minami, and Narumi Yui. We’re still awaiting news of Lucky Star in PVC… (no more)

Figure News: Lucky Star trading figure set coming from FREEing

Word is in from the official Goodsmile page today that FREEing, known until now for its 1/4 scale Haruhi figure line, will be shrinking down to the 5 centimeter scale with this Lucky Star Figure Collection. The trading figure set is due for release in January of ’08 at 420 yen per figure, with a total of five figures + one secret, each with exchangeable parts included. Not sure at this point how many figures will be included in a box, but we’ll keep an eye out for preorder info. Update: according to Amiami’s product listing each box will contain ten figures and retail at 4,200 yen. (no more)

Magazine Review: Comp Heroines vol. 6

Volume six of the bimonthly Comptiq supplementary bishoujo poster magazine is here! Once again it’s heavy on the Lucky Star (not surprising coming from a Kadokawa publication); there’s also plenty of poster material from other (mostly summer) shows, and a couple of nice extras.

Figure News: Lucky Star figure project begins! Nendoroid Konata, Kagami, Akira and Shiraishi Minoru represent

The official Lucky Star site has taken the wraps off the figure project that’s been in the works for several months now, creating a special page for the purpose. Thus far preorders are available only for Chara-Ani limited edition versions (Nendoroid Konata + petit Akira and Nendoroid Kagami + petit Minoru) as well as limited edition Lucky Star homepage versions; we’ll keep you updated on what are sure to be some highly sought-after items indeed. Update: the official Nendoroid site has been updated with images and specs for the three varieties of limited edition Konata + Akira and Kagami + Minoru sets. The Comptiq versions (available via mail order from October’s issue of Comptiq, November’s edition of Comp Ace, or Comp H’s vol. 6) will come with smiling Konata / dere Kagami faces and cat/bunny ears and tails, the official homepage versions will come with “dadada” Konata face / angry Kagami face and special arm configurations, and the Chara-Ani versions will come with “mokyu” Konata face / smiling Kagami face and a SOS-dan bag and corone (Konata) and a box of Pocky and two pairs of new arm configurations (Kagami). All editions are scheduled for release in January ’08 at 4,000 yen each; still no word on a standard edition release (assuming there will be one). The Akira and Minoru puchi-Nendoroids come (one each) with Konata and Kagami regardless of the version ordered, but they’re unpainted in all configurations, making me wonder if they’ll be sold later as part of a larger painted set. (no more)

Pure Love Renaissance : C72 Omake! – Itasha

Shipon displays his stealthy cameraphone skillz and shows off some itasha he snapped at Comiket 72 and discovers that it’s not just hardened street racers who moe up their cars. There’s some soccer mums too…

Pure Love Renaissance : Comic Market 72

Shipon deals out on his Comiket 72 experience covering sunburn, long lines, cosplay, an HD meetup, record numbers and how a good night’s sleep can make a BIG difference when a 5 hour lineup awaits.

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Haruhi, Lucky Star garage kits

Haruhi’s not dead! With a second season of TV anime in the works, games for PSP and PS2 on the horizon and the manga and serial novels still running strong it’s no surprise that the Haruhi kit presence remained a potent force at this summer’s Wonder Festival. Lucky Star started its TV run after the circle application deadline was closed for this event so its small footprint is understandable – we can no doubt look forward to a much more substantial presence next winter.

Pure Love Renaissance : Wonder Festival Summer 2007

After meeting up with random people from both hemispheres in the tremendous line, we were all set to Wanfesu. Shingo and I had agreed on a system – he would stalk the resin and garage kits and I would shoot the new releases. I think I got the better end of the deal.

Magazine Review: Comp H’s (Comp Heroines) vol. 5 – UPDATED

Volume five of Comp H’s magazine is
on sale today! Though not yet listed on the on Comptiq’s official site, we’re here with the scoop on what looks to be another clear win for the Lucky Star fans. See inside for Shiraishi Minoru gosurori cosplay, a Konata mask, an Akira cell phone strap, a loooooong park bench, and more posters than can be counted on the figures of two regularly endowed human hands. Edit: Updated with shots of the Lucky Star Nico Douga parody and the AX Haruhi concert report!