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[ERO] Figure News: Daiki Kougyou’s Sanae (black ver.) up for preorder

Online figure shops around the ‘net began preorders this evening for a black version of Daiki Kougyou’s Sanae PVC, based on the Vispo sculpt from Kotoyoshi Yumisuke‘s eromanga Shokunyuu 2. This version differs from the original in several ways, primarily in terms of coloration; I don’t think it’s quite as attractive as the Holstein pattern of the original, but she may appeal to some with the more bondage-themed look. According to Amiami’s listing she’s scheduled for release in May at 15,750 yen retail. Image gallery below:

[ERO] Figure Review: Daiki Kougyou’s Sanae PVC from Shokunyuu 2

The hype for Daiki Kougyou’s Sanae PVC grew steadily from the moment she was announced in June, through her listing in Hobby Japan in July, the scooping of her malleable chest in August, Amiami’s image update in September, her release delay to November in October, and finally the [ERO] revelation of her anatomical detail when she went on sale last week. After putting her through her paces today I can say with confidence that this is the best kit Daiki has ever produced, and is indeed a milestone in the development of PVC-based erotica. An excessive amount of pictorial evidence follows. Update: Sanae is currently available at Play Asia once again, though who knows for how long.

[ERO] Figure News: Daiki Kougyou’s Sanae PVC comes with do-it-yourself implant kit, articulated lower half

Daiki Kougyou‘s Sanae PVC from Kotoyoshi Yumisuke‘s eromanga Shokunyuu 2 went on sale yesterday, and boy did it come with some surprises. A poster at 2chan’s mokeiura board delivers the horrifically fascinating details of what is apparently a silicone (?) gel injection kit that comes with the figure (syringe and all), meant to enhance the included pliant bosoms (presumably not via liberal application to their outer surface as the pictures imply). Also, upon castoff of the scanty bits she’s wearing underneath we find a sculpt that is quite anatomically correct, the first such detailed item we’ve seen in PVC for a very long time. I’ve reproduced the pictures from the 2chan thread below, but be warned – these are some of the most graphic and generally gross photos you’re going to see on HD this year. I repeat: do not view this post unless you are prepared to view disturbing images. 18+ ONLY, NWS.

Eromanga Toshokan vol. 004: Juicy Fruits

Many HD readers are no doubt familiar with the extreme curves of Kotoyoshi Yumisuke’s manga penmanship, whether it be from his work on the Cool Devices eroanime of the mid nineties or the masterful job done by Icarus Publishing in bringing some of his more recent eromanga to an English readership. Today we take a look at perhaps his most visible volume of eromanga to date (due to its recent Icarus release), Juicy Fruits. Fans of the small-chested, beware… 18+ ONLY, NWS.