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Toy’sworks preorder bonanza

Preorders opened for seven (7, 七, â…¦) new items from figure maker Toy’sworks this evening. We’ve covered them all here in past weeks and months so I won’t go too in depth, but they are, in no particular order:

Figure images can be found at their respective Amiami links. (no more)

Koharu Biyori symmetrical docking Yui and Minori

First scooped back at Wonder Festival, a GA Graphic update tonight brings the latest word on Toy’sworks‘ Yui and Minori PVCs from Dengeki Moeoh serialized manga and ecchi OVA Koharu Biyori. We initially reported that they’d be selling for 6,800 yen each, but it seems that price has been revised upward to 7,800 yen; both are 1/8 scale and approximately 15 cm tall, with Yui scheduled to retail in July and Minori in August. Purchasing both enables the use of a special “poyoyon gattai” part for display in optimum symmetrical docking configuration. Apparently limited color versions of both figures are in the works as well. At this point we don’t have sculptor information, but we’ll be on the lookout both for that and preorder announcements that are likely to appear in the coming days. Edit: I forgot to mention that both figures are castoffable, as shown in our original Wonder Festival coverage. Visual evidence reproduced below: