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Hobby News: Samurai Spirits Iroha comes to Queen’s Gate (updated)

Online bookshop Mangaoh posted a listing last night for a rather surprising item: Queen’s Gate – On wo Kaesu Mono Iroha, (“Iroha – She Who Repays a Debt”). This is the same Iroha featured in the Samurai Spirits – Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden SNK fighting game, and Queen’s Gate is the recently begun crossover franchise to Queen’s Blade that brings characters from other settings into the Lost Worlds combat book system (Moetan‘s Nijihara Ink and the original Niθ-designed Mon wo Hiraku Mono Arisu were the first two entries). I wasn’t expecting to see a bona fide fighting game character emerge in the series, but given her popularity Iroha certainly makes sense as a selection – I wonder if this means we’ll finally get a castoffable Iroha kit from Megahouse (probably not). According to the Mangaoh entry she’s scheduled to make her queenish debut on April 18th, at the standard QB price of 1,500 yen (64 full color pages, hardbound). Queen’s Gate Iroha cover image below:

Figure Review: Goodsmile’s Iroha PVC from Samurai Spirits

Iroha is a fighting game character whose creation in 2005 corresponds almost exactly with the crest in the wave of the PVC production boom, and she has come to embody it with over a dozen kits released in the past two years. Few of them match the majesty of Nakayama Eiji’s winter ’06 foray into Irohadom, however, and when it was revealed last summer that this particular garage kit would be reborn in PVC I was overjoyed. With production under the auspices of Goodsmile I was sure they’d deliver a faithful rendition of his incredibly curvaceous sculpt, and I wasn’t disappointed.