Plans have been in the works for several months to produce a second artbook compilation of the works of Horibe Hiderou (Wikipedia), the promising illustrator and character designer who died a tragic death of heart failure last year at age 36. Word is in today from Mangaoh that the details of the volume have been confirmed: the book known as COLORS is being produced by Jive Publishing, scheduled for release in late December at 2,604 yen (tax included), at size A4 (total page number unknown). The volume will contain illustration material not included in Yours (his first artbook), drawn from the various PC and console games he worked on including Interlude, Elf’s [ERO] Shuusaku and Kisaku, as well as his unfinished work on unpublished games and several memorial illustrations and newly colored images. I’m glad to see that such a talented illustrator is being honored in this way after his death… the book is currently available for order internationally via the Mangaoh link above. (no more)