The fifth installment in [ERO] resin manufacturer Q-Six‘s “collaboration series” is finally complete! Dubbed Hitozuma Fujisaki Yukiko, the kit brings together the design talent of eromanga artist and illustrator LINDA with the sculpting prowess of Honda Heihachi. We don’t have official word yet on when she’ll be released, but I’m guessing we’ll see preorders open within the month for the limited “special parts” version; I mention this here because odds are decent that she’ll see life (and general release) as a cold cast as well, and this is a good time as any for interested parties to prime their wallets. In resin form she is 1/6 scale and set to retail at 16,590 yen. An alternately censored picture of the kit can be found here, giving just a hint at what the lower part looks like… (no more)