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Minamoto Chizuru oppai mousepad unveiled

Hobby Stock reported last night that they’re producing an oppai mousepad (contoured bust mousepad) featuring Minamoto Chizuru, heroine of the ecchi romantic comedy anime Kanokon. It’s scheduled to retail in October at 3,675 yen and 22 x 25 cm in size, and is limited to release from Hobby Stock,, and Toranoana. No international hobby shops are listed carrying it at present, so a proxy service may be necessary to buy. Mousepad image below:

Hobby Stock’s Tsuzuri preorder open

The official blog of online figure and otaku goods retailer Hobby Stock updated this morning with the news that preorders would commence for their store-limited Lycoris Radiata Tsuzuri PVC today (April 21st) at noon, and indeed they have! We now have complete release details for the figure, as well as castoff images (reproduced below): the figure will ship in September at 1/8 scale (18 cm tall), with a sculpt from Hiroman (homepage) and production cooperation from Alter. The retail price is 8,190 yen (tax included), but for preorders placed by midnight on April 27th the price is reduced to 7,665 yen. Those interested in purchasing internationally will have to do so through a proxy service, as the figure is confirmed as available exclusively through Hobby Stock’s online shop. Image gallery below:

Hobby Stock’s lycoris radiata Tsuzuri, now in color

We first reported the news that Hobby Stock was working on a store-limited Tsuzuri PVC from Terios eroge りこりす -lycoris radiata- following Wonder Festival 2007 Summer almost eight months ago. An unpainted prototype surfaced in February, and this evening the first color shots of the kit have arrived online, courtesy of both Hobby Stock and Akiba Hobby. Little is known about the kit at this point other than that she’s 1/8 scale, is based on an original illustration by Yokota Mamoru, is being produced in cooperation with Alter, and is castoffable to at least some extent (as hinted at by the seam in this image and in the text of the Hobby Stock article). The sculptor is currently uncredited and there is no information regarding the precise size of the kit, its price, or a release timeframe; we do know that she is limited to Hobby Stock sale only, so purchase via proxy will be necessary for those outside Japan. We’ll keep an eye out for the eventual preorder listing and castoff images. A single selection from Hobby Stock’s gallery is reproduced below: