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Follow up on Hobby Figures’ Mugen, Queen’s Blade, etc.

French hobby news site Hobby-News has conducted an interview (in both French and English) with recently launched figure maker Hobby Figures regarding their upcoming Mugen figure as well as the brand’s plans for future development. The most tantalizing bit of information is that the first figure in their Queen’s Blade PVC lineup will be Risty, overlooked by Megahouse to the point where many of us had despaired of ever seeing her in PVC. All we know at this point is that her sculpt is from “a very famous sculptor” and that it’s in “it’s final stage”, so we’ll be looking for further news and visual evidence to appear soon! Thanks to Merlin of Hobby-News for the scoop. (no more)

April ’08 Hobby Japan preview

The April ’08 edition of Hobby Japan has once again reached the hands of intrepid 2channers a few days early, and this issue is particularly rich with items sure to be of interest (and sure to be on display at Wonder Festival on Sunday): includes a new “Capcomaniax” line of Excellent Model figures from Megahouse, scoops on the next two CORE Queen’s Blade figures, repaint versions of two others, the latest from Goodsmile and Max Factory, news regarding the next round of Shuraki releases, details on Yamato’s sexy Ringo and Griffon’s sexy Ryofu, an elven archer from Yamashita Shunya, and much more – read on for pictures and item descriptions:

New figure preorders, February 20-22

Includes the new Range Murata PSE series figure we first saw in resin back at WF2007s, the demon girl vignette Tora was showing off at C73, Toy’sworks’ Kusuha Mizuha (onsen ver.), a “damage version” of Kotobukiya’s Narika from Choukou Sennin Haruka, a YUKI.N from Wave along with the Appleseed heroine and Asagiri Mai from Yoake, and an unlimited release of Yujin’s formerly limited Melty Blood Arcueid (Last Arc ver.).

Why no Miku at Wonder Festival? Zepy explains

Zepy over at Canned Dogs has posted with the news that due to a change in licensing requirements, dealers planning to sell Hatsune Miku kits at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter have run into trouble, with their applications either being rejected or having responses so delayed as to make kit production impossible. This jives with what our survey of the event offerings shows – not a single Miku kit in evidence from any of the major sculpting circles (those with online presences, at least), which contrasts sharply with the bonanza of Miku offerings at WHF Ariake 17. Thus far the only Miku kit to be officially announced (that I’m aware of) is the one coming from Volks, who have a professional organization robust enough to handle the demanding requirements of the new system. The merits of such requirements can be debated, but the strong anti-derivative stand on the part of the Vocaloid IP is certainly a trend to watch. (no more)

Hobby News: Samurai Spirits Iroha comes to Queen’s Gate (updated)

Online bookshop Mangaoh posted a listing last night for a rather surprising item: Queen’s Gate – On wo Kaesu Mono Iroha, (“Iroha – She Who Repays a Debt”). This is the same Iroha featured in the Samurai Spirits – Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden SNK fighting game, and Queen’s Gate is the recently begun crossover franchise to Queen’s Blade that brings characters from other settings into the Lost Worlds combat book system (Moetan‘s Nijihara Ink and the original Niθ-designed Mon wo Hiraku Mono Arisu were the first two entries). I wasn’t expecting to see a bona fide fighting game character emerge in the series, but given her popularity Iroha certainly makes sense as a selection – I wonder if this means we’ll finally get a castoffable Iroha kit from Megahouse (probably not). According to the Mangaoh entry she’s scheduled to make her queenish debut on April 18th, at the standard QB price of 1,500 yen (64 full color pages, hardbound). Queen’s Gate Iroha cover image below:

Figure News: Hayate no Gotoku Hinagiku PVC coming from Jun Planning

Jun Planning put up a product entry on their official Hayate no Gotoku product site today for a Katsura Hinagiku PVC figure! She’s 1/8 scale (21 cm tall), comes with her trademark wooden sword, and is scheduled to retail at 4,515 yen (tax included) in June. In other Jun Planning Hayate figure news, their earlier announced Maria figure [PA] was on display at Chara City in Akihabara today, with both Ascii and Moeyo on hand to photograph her. Hinagiku images below:

Wonder Festival news, February 20-21

More news from the pre-Wonder Festival prep room this evening, coming in from all sides as vendors make their last few bids to build hype prior to the event on Sunday. Griffon and R-Line both represent with color versions of the resin kits they’ll be selling, while Kaiyodo chimes in with a Revoltech teaser and Yamato lays down their display item list. Cospa redefines the meaning of the “Polo” shirt, Daiki coughs up a riskier version of their Kenshi-san PVC – and Inoue Takuya draws Al Ajif? … yeah, I didn’t know that was possible either. Read on for details:

Figure News: Cerberus Project Sasara, Manaka coming in PVC from Wafuudou Ganguten

Fresh from the pages of April’s Tech Gian magazine (on sale today) is the news that the Sunny Day (Cerberus Project) sculpted Komaki Manaka and Kusugawa Sasara from To Heart 2 are coming in PVC from Wafuudou Ganguten! Both kits are castoffable down to their lingerie (in the original resin versions at least, and likely in the PVC as well), and both clock in at ~19 cm tall, are listed at 1/7 scale, and both will retail at 6,640 yen – Manaka in May, and Sasara in June. Crappy magazine scan below:

Figure News: Figma Saber, Haruhi preorders unleashed

Max Factory’s Figma action figure line was officially augmented yesterday with the unsealing for preorder of Haruhi (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu) and Saber (Fate/stay night). We reported on the details of the release back on the 19th, but now both figures are officially available for preorder around the internets and have been flung inexorably along the trajectory that will lead to their April release – no doubt a dramatic one, if the Nagato Figma was any indication. To recap, April is the ETA for both figures and Haruhi is up for 2,500 yen, with Saber at 2,800. High-res images below:

[ERO] Figure News: Daiki Kougyou’s Sanae (black ver.) up for preorder

Online figure shops around the ‘net began preorders this evening for a black version of Daiki Kougyou’s Sanae PVC, based on the Vispo sculpt from Kotoyoshi Yumisuke‘s eromanga Shokunyuu 2. This version differs from the original in several ways, primarily in terms of coloration; I don’t think it’s quite as attractive as the Holstein pattern of the original, but she may appeal to some with the more bondage-themed look. According to Amiami’s listing she’s scheduled for release in May at 15,750 yen retail. Image gallery below:

Figure News: Orchid Seed’s resin Kanu and Mizuho in color

We reported almost a month ago when Orchid Seed updated their official site with images of the two resin kits they would be bringing to sell at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter on February 24th, and yesterday evening they updated the product entries for both their Kanu Unchou (bikini ver.) kit from Ikkitousen and their Kazami Mizuho kit from Onegai Teacher with colored versions of the kits. Both are looking great, I must say – with her Ishiyama Satoshi sculpt the Kanu was perhaps a given (castoff now confirmed!), but it’s nice to see Mizuho looking true to her original design illustration as well. Note that while both kits will only be available in resin form at Wonder Festival, every single figure Orchid has ever sold as an “event exclusive” has eventually come out in PVC. Orchid’s galleries reproduced below:

Figure News: Wave’s summer lineup includes first ever Lucky Star PVCs

Wave unveiled a large chunk of their summer figure release lineup today, the most noteworthy items of which are certainly their Miko version Hiiragi Kagami and Hiiragi Tsukasa PVCs from Lucky Star. Both are non-scale (~14 cm tall) and expected to retail in late June at 4,095 yen each, with sculpts from Chizuru of Tsuru no Yakata; they’re also being offered together as a New Years-themed set and in an Amiami limited “roasted potato” set. These are the first proper PVCs announced of Lucky Star characters (though Nendoroid action figures and Petit Nendoroid trading figures are coming soon). If I were to guess why Wave announced them now instead of waiting for Wonder Festival it’s that they don’t want to be upstaged by other companies likely to announce similar figures at the event. We’ll keep an eye out for any such news, and have details on the rest of Wave’s summer lineup in tomorrow’s figure update. (no more)

Figure News: Max Factory does “Culture Festival” Mikuru, Haruhi and Saber Figmas

Max Factory unveiled the next installment in their Haruhi figure series today in a post on the official Goodsmile Blog! It’s Mikuru in her waitress costume from the school festival episode, and comes following the similarly appointed Tsuruya-san. Details such as price and release date are still unknown, but we know the sculpt is from Max Factory veteran Chieri, and that like Tsuruya, Mikuru will come with cat ears and a tail as option parts. She’ll be on display at Wonder Festival so we’ll be sure to pick up further information on Sunday. In other Max news, the official Figma site and blog were updated with information on the next two action figures in the lineup: Suzumiya Haruhi (school uniform ver.) and Saber from Fate/stay night. Both are scheduled for release in April, with Haruhi at 2,500 yen and Saber at 2,800 yen; production is supervised as usual by Masaki Apsy (Asai Masaki). Full product descriptions are expected to appear online on February 21st. Images of the Figma kits below:

Figure News: February 19th roundup

In today’s figure news: Goodsmile’s recently announced Nanoha PVC goes up for preorder, preorders are also up for Yamato’s Dynamite Keikaku Kanu (alternate color version) – who comes with spiky balls, Toy’sworks’ Miyamoto Rei comes with a soft chest part, Q-six’s Linda designed resin is available for order once again, Miku and Narika are coming in resin from Volks, and more! Wonder Festival is in five days and counting – stay tuned for further coverage, coming soon.

Figure News: Kotobukiya’s June lineup unveiled

Kotobukiya announced their June release lineup today, including a couple of surprises – their collaboration with Alice Soft continues with the release of Sennin Narika, one of the heroines of the upcoming Choukou Sennin Haruka (Beat Blades Haruka) eroge. Also coming are a swimsuit-clad Suzu from Nagasarete Airantou, Natsume Rin from Little Busters, Hitomi from DOAX2, and perhaps most surprising, a Black Sarena plastic model from the Nadesico movie. Details below:

Figure News: February 16-18, 2008

Figure news from over the weekend, including prize figure scoops from the Amusement Expo 2008, an update on Volks’ Muv Luv trading figures, a castoff look at Medicos’ Queen’s Blade trading figure set, a Gurren Lagann action figure from Kotobukiya, a review of the Tony-desigend, T’s System sculpted bloomer girl figure from E2 magazine, and more! Wonder Festival in six days and counting…

Figure News: Toy’sworks announces Claymore’s Clare, Highschool of the Dead’s Rei

A final figure item to round out the work week comes in the delightful news from Toy’sworks that they’re producing a pair of figures sure to catch the attention of a lot of fans who didn’t expect them (myself included): first up is a PVC rendition of Clare, heroine of the Claymore manga and anime. She’s scheduled for release in June at 5,800 yen, 1/8 scale (13 cm tall) and comes with a removable cloak and exchangeable face part. Next up is Miyamoto Rei, heroine of Highschool of the Dead, the pulp zombie horror manga by Satou Shouji / INAZUMA of doujin circle Digital Accel Works. She goes on sale in May, at 1/8 scale (12 cm tall) with “sexy body parts” and her trademark pole included; the elevated price of 7,800 yen reflects both the extra torso and the “castoff tax” we’ve seen emerge over the past year or so – a tax I’ll gladly pay, in this case. Pictures below:

Figure News: February 15th, 2008

A bonanza of figure news today, including word on new CC and Rena prize figures from Geass and Higurashi, a 1/4 scale Mylene Hoffman PVC from Daiki Kougyou, a pair of new Ikkitousen girls from Griffon (along with Disgaea’s Rosalind), new information on Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Fraeulein Idolmaster Amami Haruka, Queen’s Blade Cattleya uncensored, new QB trading figures from Medicos, a limited alternate color Sekirei series from Ganbo, new looks at a couple of figures in Orchid Seed’s lineup, and more!

Figure News: February 12-14

Yet another roundup of figure news from the past three days, including an uncensored look at Griffon’s new Queen’s Blade Reina PVC, a Revoltech Fraeulein Hatsune Miku hack, the progress of Brilliant Cut’s Spica PVC (successor to Uran), news of a special color version of Yamato’s Dynamite Keikaku Kanu Unchou, a Fauna reissue from Alter, a castoff look at Hobby Japan’s Ninjihara Ink (cosplay ver.), and a Wonder Festival news roundup – the catalog is now on sale!

Figure News: Yamato announces alternate color Arisa, Bubblegum Crisis Moto Slave + Priss

Figure maker Yamato updated their official site today with listing for two new figures: first, an alternate color version of their Creator’s Labo #014 guitar girl Arisa (HD review of the original). This version is due out in May, at 7,140 yen and specs similar to the original. The second new item up is is a Priss / Moto Slave action figure set from Bubblegum Crisis. The set is 1/15 scale, with the bike 14 cm long (15 cm tall in Motoroid form) and the Priss figure 11 cm tall. Both are fully articulated and come with option parts (check out the “photozoomer” images for details on the various configurations), and the set retails in May at 7,140 yen. (no more)

February 9-11 figure news roundup

A roundup of figure news from this past weekend, including word that To Love-Ru’s Sairenji Haruna is coming from Shueisha, a look inside the Goodsmile offices in the lead up to Wonder Festival, samples of the Konami Gurren Lagann trading figure set due out in March, a castoff look at Griffon’s Reina mixed-media figure and Aoshima’s Yamashita Shunya-designed Funny Knights Petra, Alpha Omega’s Code Geass Karen castoff scoop, and Movic’s Wanfesu lineup.

February 7-8 bishoujo figure news

We round out the week’s figure news with word of a Nendoroid Melissa Serafi (Seraphy?) from Goodsmile, the reissue of last year’s Jukujo Kazumi polystone from Toys Planning, a new Portrait of Pirates Nami PVC from Megahouse, preorders open for Gigapulse’s Koihime Musou Kanu and Goodsmile’s Suzumiya Haruhi Nendoroid Petit series 2, and introductory pages up at Kotobukiya for their Plamo wo Tsukuro! CUSTOM Airu (Aile) as well as the Art of Shunya Yamashita Noel and Karin.

February 2-6 figure news roundup

A roundup of figure news from the past few days, including a Dark Sakura figure from Solid Theater, a Nanoha figure from Goodsmile, the Niθ / Kotobukiya figure collaboration project in color, a Maaryan / Sasara combination from Taki Corporation, reissues of FREEing’s bunny girl Nagato and Tsuruya-san, and new Otomedius and Bemani prize figures from Konami.

February 1st figure news roundup

New figure information from last night and today, including preorder listings for an alternate color version of Chono Gate’s Mylene Hoffman, a Suzumiya Haruhi Pinky St. figure, the Yamashita Shunya designed Revoltech Fraeulein Pocco action figure (though she’s been up at Play Asia for awhile now), Griffon’s mixed media Reina figure from Queen’s Blade, and Orchid Seed’s Metis from Persona 3. Also scooped is a new Gigapulse Figure, Kanu from Koihime Musou – this just might be their best figure to date, so check it out. :3

Figure News: Alter announces maid version Mikuru

Alter just posted a product entry for an Asahina Mikuru (maid ver.) PVC figure from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. She’s sculpted by Numakura Toshiaki (of circle Sinsemilla) and is scheduled for release in June at 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) and 6,090 yen. The figure is being produced in cooperation with Chara-Ani. (no more)

January 31st figure news roundup

A summary of figure news from the past few days, including Petit Nendoroid Lucky Star and Haruhi, an update on the Vispo-sculpted Seyada Tara PVC coming from Daiki Kougyou, CM’s’ near lifesize Kokonoe Rin gets a makeover, Ore no Yome Chouun castoff gallery, Tandem Twin Annerose update, release delays from Toy’sworks, and dates set for this summer’s Bandai-sponsored Chara Hobby (C3) expo.

Figure News: Toy’sworks Exelica unveiled, Pleasant Angels’ Ore no Yome Chouun preorder open

Two figures we scooped last month showed up on the radar officially today, the first being Toy’sworks’ Exelica PVC from Trigger Heart Exelica (scooped here in last month’s Hobby Japan). Now listed officially over at the Toy’sworks site, she’ll be coming out in May at 1/8 scale (28 cm tall with base included) and the rather steep price of 9,980 yen, tax included – no doubt due to the bulk of her suit equaling that of a second whole figure. In other news, preorders went up over the noon hour today at Amiami for the first entry in Pleasant Angels’ [ERO] Ore no Yome (“my bride”) series (scoop here), Chouun from BaseSon’s eroge Koihime Musou. She’s due out in late April at 1/8 scale and 6,090 yen, and is rated 18+. Pleasant Angels’ release history has been a bit rocky, but there’s nothing like a new castoff lineup to liven a figure company’s fortunes… Images of both figures below:

Figure News: Hayate no Gotoku Maria, Otoboku Suouin Kana PVC preorders open

Amiami put up preorder listings over the noon hour today for a pair of unexpected new figures. First up is the first ever PVC from Hayate no Gotoku, Taki Corporation’s rendition of Maria. In a break with Taki’s other PVC lineup she’s not significantly castoffable, and is much cheaper: 4,515 yen for the 1/8 scale (21 cm tall) kit, due out in late March. The second new figure announcement is from Rana, a maker more known for their kitschy toys than their bishoujo figures, and features Suouin Kana (summer clothes ver.) from Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru. The figure package includes both a standard version and an SD version of the character, and retails in May at 7,140 yen and 1/8 scale (18 cm tall, 10 cm for the SD version). (no more)

Figure News: Art of Yamashita Shunya Karin, Noel up for preorder

As L.C predicted in a reply to the recent March ’08 Hobby Japan post, the two latest entries in Kotobukiya’s Art of Yamashita Shunya series are entitled Karin (preorder page) and Noel (preorder page). These two busts join Niniane in the polystone Shunya lineup from Kotobukiya, and are scheduled to retail in May at 10,290 yen each (non-scale, 17.5 cm tall). Both are a limited run of 500 units, and are limited to sale via the Kotobukiya online shop only (though I have a hunch they’ll appear via other retailers internationally as well, if Niniane is any indication). Pictures below:

[ERO] Figure News: Orchid Seed Wonder Festival 2008 Winter lineup

Orchid Seed updated their official site this afternoon with the lineup of items they’ll have for sale at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter. We scooped the limited edition of their Chichinoe+ 2 figure yesterday in our coverage from Hobby Japan, but seeing her here these limited edition colors seem like a definite step back from the original, alas. Far more exciting is news of the two resin kits to be on sale, an Ishiyama Satoshi-sculpted Kanu Unchou in (castoffable?) bikini, and a Nekomaru-sculpted Kazami Mizuho from Onegai Teacher. The details of these don’t really matter – what’s important is that precedent decrees that both of these kits will inevitably be released as PVC at some point in the coming year, which is totally awesome news for fans of Kanu, Mizuho, and Ishiyama Satoshi’s mad sculpting skills. Pictures below: