This one came out of left field: word is in tonight from Moon Phase that Moegaku, the ill-reputed English language learning dating simulation game I found languishing in the bargain bin at Gamers last year for 1050 yen, is receiving an anime adaptation. Dubbed Moegaku 5, according to GA Graphic’s coverage Hirano Aya will star as “the goddess“, mentor of protagonist Tsukishima Moe and interlocutor with the five international bishounen designated to guide her through the world’s various languages. The show will air for 15 minutes every weekday starting on January 14th, with the other 15 minutes of the block occupied by a more traditional live actor language program setting in which Hirano will also be featured as “Aya Onee-san”. I’m not sure what the most surprising element of this news is; the fact that the Moegaku franchise survived the bargain bin, the fact that Hirano Aya is involved, or the fact that they’re trying to teach children five languages simultaneously in half-hour increments. We’ll be keeping an eye on this as the project develops. (no more)