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Gigapulse announces Figu@Mate lineup

Ero figure maker Gigapulse updated their official site last night with the news of two new figures (plus variations) currently in production, based on characters from Escu:de‘s 2006 eroge Figu@Mate. The first is the game’s main heroine Endoh Ifrina, who will be coming in five variations of two main sculpts, with release scheduled for December for each. Sculpting duty is from Hormone-Man and the figures are listed as 1/1 scale (consistent with the gimmick of the game’s pint-sized heroines), clocking in at around 12 cm tall. Retail price is 4,988 yen for all but the regular version of the second sculpt, which will retail at 3,780 yen.

The second character to be portrayed in Giga’s Figu@Mate lineup is Kanai Julialous, a 1/7 bust of whom is currently in planning with a sculpt also from Hormone-man. Further details on this release will be made available at the end of August. The currently available photos can be found below:

Gigapulse does Ryoujoku Guerrilla Kari 3 series

Ero figure maker Gigapulse updated their official site earlier today with product descriptions for their “Gigakore #13” set: three new figures from Liquid eroge Ryoujoku Guerrilla Kari 3. Amiami followed with listings this evening for Shizel Beltier, Sandy Gregoire, and Nora Stewart. All three are scheduled to retail in fall 2008 at 6,825 yen retail and 1/8 scale. The Shizel and Sandy kits also come in alternate color DX versions (Shizel, Sandy) that include male torsos and retail at 8,925 yen, while Nora comes in a “B type” configuration at 6,825 yen. Nora is the only one credited with a sculptor: Uroyasu Kanchi (洞安勘智). Images below:

Gigapulse announces Koihime Musou’s Sousou, Junniku

Ero figure maker Gigapulse yesterday unveiled the second installment in their PVC series based on BaseSon’s popular Koihime Musou eroge, Sousou (the first was Kanu Unchou). Like Kanu, Sousou is sculpted by Hormoneman and comes at 1/8 scale in two configurations: a solo version for 6,090 yen, and a version paired with a Junniku figure for 11,025 yen. Juuniku is castoffable, to the extent that she’s wearing anything. Both versions are scheduled for release in September, and will be made available for preorder via standard distribution outlets shortly. Images below:

[ERO] Figure News: Gigapulse unveils Morisaki Miku figure from Discovery’s Hitozuma Sentai Aisaiger

This figure has been listed on Gigapulse’s site for awhile now (it was originally scheduled for release in “fall 2007”), and when their new [ERO] Kazama Mana line was announced last month some of us gave up hope on this one altogether. It seems such doubts were premature, as today Gigapulse put up color samples of their [ERO] paizuri-themed Morisaki Miku PVC figure from Discovery’s 2005 eroge Hitozuma Sentai Aisaiger (Erogamescape). She clocks in at 1/8 scale and comes in three alternate color versions, with head sculpts slightly different for each; she’s scheduled to retail in May of 2008 at 5,775 yen and the sculpt is “fully detailed”. Pictures below:

[ERO] Figure News: Gigapulse unveils second Kazama Mana PVC from Yakin Byoutou 2

Ero figure maker Gigapulse posted images on its official site yesterday evening of the second figure in its 11th round of the Giga Collection series, Kazama Mana vol. 2 from Mink eroge Yakin Byoutou 2 (Erogamescape). The figure is scheduled to go on sale in two limited edition DX versions and an unlimited regular version, with the limited versions coming with a “man part” (version A is clear, B is colored) and a few other minor differences. Like the first figure in Giga’s Yakin Byoutou 2 lineup (due out in December) this one clocks in at 1/8 scale and is scheduled for release in March of next year at 8,925 yen (limited editions) or 5,775 yen (regular edition). Pictures of the various versions below: