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3D Custom Shoujo gameplay video online

Tech Arts 3D put a gameplay video online this evening for their upcoming polygon-based ero sim, 3D Custom Shoujo. It’s a nearly four-minute clip of uncut footage from a sex scene within the game engine, showing off some of the game’s capabilities to switch positions and costumes on the fly. Watching it feels stiffer and less natural than what Illusion has managed to achieve through years of development, but it doesn’t look half bad for the first game from a new brand. That said, I hope what we’re seeing is something closer to the 50-60% development mark than the 90-95% mark… if what’s shown here is all there is to the game it’s going to be a hard purchase for a lot of people to justify, I think. (no more)

Bullet Butlers x Ayakashibito crossover “Chrono Belt” official site, demo movie online

Following last week’s teaser in Tech Gian, the official Chrono Belt site is now online! Not only does it present a good dose of story and character information, but a very nicely produced demo movie is available for download as well. Combined with the sample CG available at the newly listed Getchu product entry for the game we start to get a decent picture of what to expect, and that “what” is looking totally awesome. The game is listed as going on sale this summer, at 7,140 yen retail – rather lower than the typical full price of 9,240 yen, though hopefully that doesn’t mean the content will be significantly less than its two predecessors. We’ll continue to keep a close eye on the game as development proceeds. (no more)

Illusion announces Jinkou Shoujo 3 expansion

Getchu posted a listing earlier today for Jinkou Shoujo 3 Hannari, an “append disc” for the November ’07 released Jinkou Shoujo 3. According to the product description it adds additional sex positions, maps, hairstyles and voice options (including Kyoto and Hakata dialects) to the original game. It’s scheduled to retail on May 30th at 6,090 yen retail, and the first lot limited edition comes with a set of two figures (likely similar to those that came with the first game). We’ll keep an eye on this expansion as it develops – hopefully the official Illusion site will have more information when it’s announced there later today. Update: an official site is now online for the game, though it’s rather sparse at present. (no more)

Sano Toshihide personal site updated, Majodou OP movie online

Those of us eagerly awaiting further news of G.J?’s upcoming Sano-designed Majodou eroge got two welcome surprises today: first is news that the personal site of game artist Sano Toshihide was updated yesterday with a new piece of fan art, depicting a fictional Nagato-ified rendition of (male) bassist and Nico Video internet phenomenon Tissue-Hime. News is also in from the official site for Majodou that the game’s opening movie will go online there some time today – we’ll update this post when it’s available. Ahh, it’s a good time to be a Sano fan… Update: the first in a series of three Majodou movies is now available for download! In addition they’ve begun a fan participation campaign where you can develop the profile of one of five enemy witches to appear in the “Houki DE Babyuu~n!” mini game included with the main release – it seems a bit like Armored Core for broomsticks, where you get to customize your witch and then race her against computer opponents. We’ll keep an eye on this as more news comes to light. (no more)

Rumor: To Heart 2 Another Days lacks Ikuno route?

An update at Moon Phase has lent credence to the rumor that the long-awaited latest installment in the To Heart 2 franchise, Another Days, lacks a story route for Komaki Ikuno. The invalid younger sister of Komaki Manaka was a big draw leading up to the release of the Another Days expansion, so if this news is true it could mean we’re in for another round of hellfire from irate Japanese fans similar to the ones that accompanied the release of Light’s Dies Irae and Cuffs’ Garden. We’ll be watching for further news on this; the game goes on sale this Friday, February 29th.


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Hobby News: Samurai Spirits Iroha comes to Queen’s Gate (updated)

Online bookshop Mangaoh posted a listing last night for a rather surprising item: Queen’s Gate – On wo Kaesu Mono Iroha, (“Iroha – She Who Repays a Debt”). This is the same Iroha featured in the Samurai Spirits – Tenkaichi Kenkyakuden SNK fighting game, and Queen’s Gate is the recently begun crossover franchise to Queen’s Blade that brings characters from other settings into the Lost Worlds combat book system (Moetan‘s Nijihara Ink and the original Niθ-designed Mon wo Hiraku Mono Arisu were the first two entries). I wasn’t expecting to see a bona fide fighting game character emerge in the series, but given her popularity Iroha certainly makes sense as a selection – I wonder if this means we’ll finally get a castoffable Iroha kit from Megahouse (probably not). According to the Mangaoh entry she’s scheduled to make her queenish debut on April 18th, at the standard QB price of 1,500 yen (64 full color pages, hardbound). Queen’s Gate Iroha cover image below:

[ERO] Game News: Happoubi Jin, 3D Custom Shoujo, Bullet Butlers crossover, etc.

It’s monthly Tech Gian release time again today (February 21st), and that means a whole boatload of movement on the eroge front – and boy does this month bring some big news! Speaking purely for myself, there’s something here to represent just about all of what I personally enjoy in the eroge universe, from the official site launch of a new game from a favorite artist, to the update of a new platform for fully customizable 3D girls, to an official expansion of the greatest story ever told in eroge – abandoning the hyperbole (and my pants, as I seem to have soiled them in the heat of excitement), here’s a look at the latest news from the pixelated lovemaking world:

[ERO] Game News: new Sano Toshihide designed G.J? title “Majodou” unveiled – UPDATED

As reported earlier, the March ’08 edition of eroge magazine Dengeki Hime went on sale today (January 30th) and includes the exclusive scoop on the latest Sano Toshihide designed [ERO] game from maker G.J?, Majodou (魔女道; lit. “Witch’s Way”). In it the protagonist attends a prep school where one day he discovers that four of his classmates are witches, and is tasked with keeping their identities secret as they vie for the Witch’s World Cup (one is from Japan, one is from the USA, one is from Holland, and one is from Germany). Seems to be riffing on some Harry Potter themes, at first glance… I’ll update this post as soon as I’m home with access to a scanner, and G.J? has promised a site update this evening as well so plenty of visuals should soon be available. Watch this space! Update: Scans of the Dengeki Hime article below:

[ERO] Game News: HD featured artists on the move! New games from Sano Toshihide, INO, Happoubi Jin (updated)

Word has come in over the past few days that new game projects are in the works from three of the artists featured previously here at HD: Happoubi Jin, Sano Toshihide, and INO. The first news is an update to the G.J? official site, with a teaser page online for the next Sano Toshihide designed game. The teaser page is modeled after a Nico Video entry and doesn’t give away much in terms of content, though this looks to be a lighter-themed title than much of the brand’s recent fare. The page is scheduled for another update on the 25th, and a full scoop will be coming in Dengeki Hime, released on the 30th. News regarding the new INO and Happoubi Jin titles comes from the cover of the March ’08 issue of Tech Gian, set for release tomorrow (January 21st); there’s not much to go on yet, but apparently the INO game is a collaboration with Yukiyoshi, the current sole proprietor of Mu Soft and creator of several very highly successful doujin games. Odds are that the new Happoubi title will be from Crossnet; we’ll bring more detailed info on both titles following the release of the March issue of Tech Gian. Updated with additional information and images from Tech Gian below:

[ERO] Game News: 2007 Bishoujo Game Award results published

The 2007 Bishoujo Game Award results are in, and the people have spoken: in the period covered by the poll (September ’06 through August ’07), Pulltop’s Harukani Aogi, Uruwashino (EGS) emerged on top in four categories (BGM, “Pure Love”-type, Scenario, and User’s Choice), sweeping the overall grand prize in the process. Bullet Butlers received honorable mention in the User’s Choice category as well as sharing the Media prize with two other titles, where it’s noted that given its release date the game didn’t get adequate time to be voted on before the voting period was closed. The full list of winners and a description of the voting and selection process follows:

[ERO] Game Review: Bullet Butlers

A lizardman, an orc, an elf, and a dragon walk into a bar – and out comes Bullet Butlers, the “guns and magic and butlers and masters fantasy AVG” 2007 blockbuster visual novel from Propeller. After a week stranded in Ocelot City with nothing more than a dirty-talking magnum to keep me company I’ve come away with the impression of a game that’s been largely undersold in Japanese ratings, so this review tries its best, without (many serious) spoilers, to compensate in the most fanboyishly biased way possible. It’s a whirlwind tour through 2000 years of Goltrock history, Dragoneut society, and Ocelot citizenry, so grab your hats and your magic Tuxedos of Butlerdom +10 and come on in!

Editor’s Desk: vacationing in Goltrock, be back soon (updated)

If you’ve been with HD since mid-’07 you may remember me ranting about Bullet Butlers prior to it coming out last summer. Well, I finally installed it earlier this week (in the process of working on a “2007 eroge year in review” post), and it took me by the scruff of the neck in the way that no game (or novel) has in a very long time, pulled me in, and refused to let me out until I finished. It’s a long game. I finally just got through one of the major story arcs, and am pausing to post this before diving back in – I expect to be finished with the whole thing by the end of the weekend, at which point an exhaustive review will be forthcoming. In the mean time please forgive the lack of updates while I indulge myself a bit longer… a YouTube embed of the Bullet Butlers OP can be found below:

Bishoujo Game News: English visual novel localizer Hirameki closes shop

According to a statement on its official site, as of January 2nd, 2008 visual novel production house Hirameki has closed its doors. I never followed the company’s activities very closely, but this news is certainly a blow to the cause of visual novel fans and bishoujo game fans of all varieties, ero or otherwise. Those familiar with the history of English localization of visual novel-type games will see this as part of a pattern that has brought down every other company solely devoted to their production in the past; only on the margins have such games ever been profitable, and given the current environment it seems unlikely this will change. Still, I can’t help wondering what would happen if the right company came along… Despite the official closure of Hirameki’s doors many of their titles are still available for purchase, including the critically acclaimed Ever17 and Phantom of Inferno. (no more)

December 2007 Eroge Roundup

Better late than never, we close the book on the eroge world of 2007 with a look at major releases through the month of December. It was a banner month in several respects, with new releases from CODEPINK and Littlewitch, the Dies irae debacle, and the recall and subsequent reissue of what many are calling the lolicon title of the year. This post was composed over the course of a few weeks so don’t mind some random changes in verb tense here and there…

[ERO] Game News: Light pleads mea culpa over Dies irae flaws

With production first announced in August of ’06, Light’s long-delayed “gakuen romance battle opera ADV” Dies irae finally hit store shelves on December 21st. In the past week the game has been met with a storm of criticism, much of which is reflected in reviews on its Erogamescape page; while there are many who rated the game in the 70th percentile based on its independent merits, an equal number have declared it a “land mine” and a “betrayal of expectations” (two possible tags in the EGS system). The chief complaints appear to be threefold: first, art used in promotional material and magazine articles was either altered or omitted entirely from the game’s final release; second, characters expected to be possible romantic targets were not; and third, prior to release the game’s writing credit was given to a single popular author, but the ending credit roll revealed a team of six additional writers on staff. More below:

[ERO] Game News: goes live!

Several months in the making, Japanese eroge review site Eroge Review (can’t beat the naming sense) is now online! The brain child of Nargrakhan and Ayyo, the site has been established to house English language reviews of Japanese language bishoujo games (primarily adult titles), the only site I’m aware of devoted exclusively to such noble pursuits. There is currently a single review up (the rather underwhelming Kissing!! under the mistletoe), but as the former proprietor of is on board for the project we can likely expect several dozen archival reviews to appear on the site in short order. I’m not affiliated with them in any way, but I wish Narg and Ayyo all the best in this endeavor and hope to see a lot more great reviews over the coming year. (no more)

Book News: Queen’s Blade Yumil, Bitoshi Gaiden vol. 2 Koudai Oujo no Sho up for preorder

A bit late to the scoop on this one, but it’s worth noting that as of last Friday preorders are now open for the Queen’s Blade bishoujo fighting book game volume for Yumil, delayed for well over a year (her figure was released before she was), and the second Bitoshi Gaiden volume, Koudai Oujo no Sho. The latter features the adventures of Menace, including an F.S-illustrated novel and accompanied drama CD (Menace is voiced by Gotou Yuuko). Both are scheduled for release on February 15th, and both are currently available at, among other retail locations [Yumil | Bitoshi Gaiden vol. 2]. (no more)

[ERO] Game News: 18+ version of Key’s Little Busters announced

This one came out of left field, via Moon Phase diary: a promotional image for Toy’sworks’ recently preorder-open Noumi Kudoryafuka (Kudryavka) figure mentions almost in passing that Little Busters! is scheduled to receive release in a new adult version. At present there is no information beyond this image, but this sounds like weighty news indeed for the Key fans… we’ll keep half an eye on this story should anything else of interest appear. (no more)

[ERO] Game News: G-Collections’ Snow Sakura now shipping!

Word is in from English eroge localization brand G-Collections that their latest title, Snow Sakura, is in stock and shipping now! This is the English text, uncensored version of D.O.‘s 2003-released Yukizakura (Erogamescape), and having recently nursed it through development I can personally vouch for its entertainment value, and recommend it highly. If you would like to support HD you can purchase the game at J-List, though it’s available elsewhere as well – the bottom line is that you should get this game, regardless of source. Read on for why:

Mainichi Junk: C73 roundup, anime news, etc.

It’s a general roundup of news from the past few days in another installment of the increasingly inaccurately named Mainichi Junk! We’ve got stuff from all corners of the otakuverse today, starting with a heaping helping of Comic Market 73 (the latest on Momoi’s AX DVD, Keumaya’s new doujin figure project, and hug pillows galore), new moves on the anime scene (trailers for Mnemosyne, Code Geass season 2, and Kite Liberator), eroanime news (featuring a new Pixy title in the “valkyrie vs. orc” genre), a few bits of figure gossip (Orchid’s Erika shipping for reals, Donne Anonime too, and Shuraki mangafication) and a new MOSAIC.WAV eroge movie that is certainly worth your viewing time.

[ERO] Artbook Review: Velvet Skin ~ INO Art Works

When word first came down that a compilation of INO‘s work was in the pipeline I was ecstatic. The reclusive artist who has gone without a website update for over four years was finally reaching out to his fans! As the book’s content was gradually revealed it became clear that it would be an epic tome indeed; just what is in store in this treasure trove that contains much of the master eroge artist’s life work? Read on to find out:

November 2007 Eroge Roundup

Our stroll through the erogamescape was a bit delayed this month due to the big releases being split across two weekends (Thursday the 22nd and last Friday, the 30th), but better late than never here we are with our habitual dive into the seamier side of bishoujo gaming. It’s been a pretty big release month with some hot new titles now on the market – check below for an annotated list of arbitrarily chosen games that seemed interesting at the time (KIRA KIRA!!!).

[ERO] Game News: Illusion enters the international market with new brand Digitown

HD reader fake brought this to our attention this morning: Illusion, the (in)famously xenophobic maker of polygon-based eroge, is finally heeding the call of Commodore Perry and opening their work to the international market though official channels. This Heisei restoration comes in the form of Illusion sub-brand Digitown, which appeared out of nowhere recently with zero fanfare other than a cryptic banner on Illusion’s official site. They already have a product available for sale on their English website, though: Digital Girl Rin. This is not something I expect anyone would buy (she’s just a poseable 3D kisekae doll, similar to things Illusion has given away for free download in the past), nor is she officially rated to work with English operating systems, but the fact that they have an international storefront (albeit done in hilarious Engrish) seems to indicate plans for further expansion into foreign markets. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this project as it unfolds. (no more)

[ERO] Game News: Jinkou Shoujo 3 demo movie available for download

Illusion put up a demo movie on its official site yesterday for Jinkou Shoujo 3, their latest venture into polygon-based ero (first scooped here in August). The movie is mostly a compilation of flash videos that can already be found on the site, but there’s a bit at the end that makes downloading worth while. While you’re there a download of the free character construction tool is recommended as well, I’ve been playing around with it and have managed to come up with some fun stuff. Despite the limitations still evident in the gameplay (they’re using the same cheesy sound effects they’ve used in every game since 2002) this is a title I’ve been anticipating for years now and I can’t wait to get my hands on the full version when it comes out on November 30th. For no apparent reason an attempt to build a vaguely Mogudan-esque Rei is below:

[ERO] Game News: Sei Shoujo’s not dead!

We reported exactly a year ago today that Sei Shoujo (Erogamescape), the legendary artist and scenario writer behind Bible Black, Discipline, and Cleavage (among others), was working on a new game for the Skunkworks brand entitled “Starless”. The game was originally given a release window of summer 2007 (which has obviously passed), but thanks to an update at the Skunkworks site Starless has been given a revised date of spring 2008! This alone would not necessarily indicate that Sei Shoujo was still alive and kicking, but HD has it on good authority (secondhand from the president of Will) that work on the game is in fact proceeding. If this news is any indication, his nearly three year absence from the eroge world should soon be coming to an end – we’ll be watching closely for further confirmation. (no more)

[ERO] Game News: G.J? presents Shinchinin no Online Gamers “The Anime”

A surprise announcement from eroge maker G.J? on Tuesday that they will be releasing a new version of their summer 2005 title Shichinin no Online Gamers. Dubbed “Shichinin no Online Gamers THE ANIME” it’s set to retail on November 22nd at 6,090 yen, and is described as containing “full screen cel animation” scenes; it’s a common gimmick for DVD player compatible versions of games to include additional bits of animation like this at around this price point, which makes me wonder why this is a PC release and not aiming for the wider DVD market. Regardless it’s hard to see it as anything other than a quick cash infusion between titles (the fact that there’s no official product page or samples of the animation speaks volumes). I just hope it’ll bring in enough fundage to feed Sano Toshihide and his family until the master’s next magnum opus is released. Whoredom below the fold:

Figure News: Kinoshita Rumi from Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! G.O. coming in “devil type” from Yamato

Hot on the heels of our review of Sunny Day‘s Halloween Girl comes the news that his equally Halloween-themed Kinoshita Rumi (devil type) will be coming in PVC from Yamato! One of the heroines of Pia Carrot he Youkoso!! G.O., this version of Rumi hails from the game’s [ERO] Toy Box expansion in which she pilfers some ecchi cosplay attire from co-heroine Kazumi. She’s scheduled for release in February of next year at 7,140 yen retail and 23 cm tall, and is castoffable down to some very appealing lingerie. With her up at Yamato we can expect shop preorders to open soon! (no more)

[ERO] Goods News: bust up! Chest-enhanced mousepad coming from Atelier Kaguya’s “Enjoy”

The phenomenon of the contoured bust mousepad is not a new one, but the dubious accessory is set to undergo a minor step in its evolution with the release of an [ERO] Mizuki-sensei oppai mousepad from Atelier Kaguya’s recently release eroge Enjoy. Featuring the character Onda Mizuki, the item’s chief draw is its faithful rendition of her relatively large bosoms – a sample of which are pictured here, in comparison with the earlier released Asuka-chan oppai mousepad from Osana Najimi to Amaku Sugosu Houhou. I always assumed that these pads were of uniform dimensions with images printed on each regardless of the size of the character in question, but the comparison shots show that variation in fact exists… This peculiar item is available exclusively via Medio’s online shop, and is set for release on December 21st at 4,995 yen. Thanks to Akiba Blog for the scoop! Mousepad images below:

[ERO] Goods News: Muv Luv’s Mitsurugi Meiya dakimakura coming from Chara-Ani

Word came in last night via the Dakimakura Integrated Research Institute that Chara-Ani is producing a hug pillow featuring popular Muv Luv heroine Mitsurugi Meiya. The pillow (both case and pillow included) is scheduled for release on December 16th (Meiya’s birthday!) at 15,000 yen, with dimensions 160 x 50 cm, and featuring original illustrations from Muv Luv character designer Bou. Preorders are open through next March, but to get in on the first batch orders should be placed by November 11th. Pillow cover image below:

Game Book News: Queen’s Gate official site open

The official site for Queen’s Blade spinoff series Queen’s Gate is now open! Based on the Lost Worlds series of combat game books from Flying Buffalo Press, Queen’s Gate serves as the portal between the Queen’s Blade series and the creative works of other brands joining in partnership to release other characters in the Lost Worlds format. The first two installments are Mon wo Hiraku Mono Arisu, designed by Niθ of Nitro+, and the POP-illustrated Magical Girl Pastel Ink, heroine of the Moetan anime and English otaku phrase book series. Both combat artbooks are scheduled for release on November 30th at 1,500 yen each, and like their Queen’s Blade counterparts will be hardcover and full color. We’ll be keeping an eye out for further news on this series – could Maritan be next? (no more)