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Figure News: Goodsmile maid Saber and Rin rereleases set for next March

Word is in from figure maker Goodsmile today that their Saber (maid ver.) and Rin (maid ver.) PVCs from Fate/stay night will be reissued in March of ’08 to coincide with the release of their maid version Rider (announced yesterday). Maid Saber originally went on sale in March of this year at 4,800 yen (1/8 scale, 18.5 cm tall) while maid Rin was released in June with similar price and size specifications. (no more)

Figure Review: Alter’s Saber (maid ver.) PVC from Fate / hollow ataraxia

This is one of those kits that became an instant legend of the Wonder Festival circuit, such that when you went around to the Millimeter Modeling table at the event all you’d see would be a kit sample and a few tumbleweeds rolling over the “sold out” card placed in front of it. While Ataraxia’s maid Saber is hardly a new theme for PVC, when this was announced from Alter it was one of those “oh hell yes” moments that resulted in an immediate preorder; thankfully faith in both the brand and the original sculpt were well placed. Check it out!

Figure News: Goodsmile’s Nendoroid Re Mii, Max Factory’s POLO System Wendy and Emiya Kiritsugu / Zero up for preorder soon, Kotobukiya’s apron + sukumizu Sasara already there

Goodsmile just posted listings on their official site for their upcoming Nendoroid Re Mii from Zoids Genesis, as well as Max Factory’s [ERO] Polo System Wendy from Gun x Sword and Emiya Kiritsugu / Zero from Fate / Zero, which can only mean that preorders will be coming online around the internet very shortly. All three are due for release in January of 2008. In other news, Kotobukiya followed yesterday’s preorder blitz with a couple more entries today, including this maid apron / school swimsuit Kusugawa Sasara from To Heart 2 XRATED, set to go on sale in December. The winter listings are filling out fast! (no more)

Figure News: reissues for Alter’s Escalayer, Goodsmile’s magical girl Rin and hetare Saber; Sol International Kohaku and Akiha up for preorder

Goodsmile and Alter were busy today with rerelease announcements, beginning with Alter’s posting of their Escalayer kit (from Alice Soft’s Beat Angel Escalayer eroge) originally released in May of this year now scheduled for a December reissue. Goodsmile followed with the news that their March ’06 released Rin (magical girl ver.) from Fate / hollow ataraxia will be coming again in November, along with their Nendoroid hetare Saber seeing life again in December. If this wasn’t enough good news for the Type Moon fans, the Megahouse Melty Blood series Kohaku and Akiha kits we scooped a few days ago are now available for preorder, scheduled for December and January releases respectively. (no more)

Figure News: misc. tidbits from Hobby Japan October ’07

Better late than never, here are a few highlights from the August 25th release of Hobby Japan‘s October 2007 issue: WAP‘s Rumble Fish Garnet, the one I ranted about back in our coverage of Wonder Festival 2005 Winter, is coming to PVC! 5,040 yen, this winter, from Movic. In other news: a pair of Witchblade figures from Toranoana, a crazy detailed Saber Alter from Solid Theater, a Figma Kanu Unchou from Max Factory, and Kohaku / Touno Akiha from Sol International and Megahouse. Pictures below:

Goods News: drop Excalibur, Saber, and pick up that axe

Getchu has a listing online as of yesterday evening for a ZO-3 Fate/stay night SABER MODEL, a custom Fernandes electric guitar produced by the Rights-GT-Project. While I’m not a guitar expert the retail price of 45,000 yen (approx. USD $390) makes me think this is more a gimmick than a serious professional instrument (it comes with a telephone card, for crying out loud); still, a pretty classy statement for an ota-kei cover band or YouTube would-be god of ROCK. Saber’s axe thrashes its way to your door on January 31st, 2008, with preorders open through October 9th. (no more)

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: garage kits galore

Everything that wouldn’t fit elsewhere in our Wonder Festival resin coverage is here, with kits ranging from originals to a wide variety of anime, manga, and game sources (Monster Hunter, Narue no Sekai, Juuden-chan, Ah! My Goddess, Kaibutsu Oujo, Idolmaster, Majipoka, Zero no Tsukaima, Kodomo no Jikan, AIKa 16, Yoake, Paniponi Dash, Range Murata, Venus vs. Virus, My Otome, Tokikake, Xenosaga, Muv Luv, Read or Die, Touhou, Littlewitch, Jigoku Shoujo, Nanoha, Witchblade, Genshiken, Manabi Straight, School Days, Keroro Gunsou, Super Robot Wars, Utawarerumono, Persona 3, Pumpkin Scissors, Ichigo Mashimaro, Fate / stay night, Simoun, Bakuretsu Tenshi, Onegai Teacher, Sayonara Zetsubou-sensei, Card Captor Sakura, Black Lagoon, Ikkitousen, Ouran Host Club, 009-1, and more!). Nothing explicitly ero, though several rather ecchi kits did make the cut; there are 269 pictures total, so please bear with the load time. ^^;;

Wonder Festival 2007 Summer: Orchid Seed, Yamato, Kotobukiya lineups

We take a look at the lineup of newly and recently announced items from Yamato, Orchid Seed, and Kotobukiya in this segment of our Wonder Festival coverage. Yamato and Orchid both have some [ERO] offerings in evidence, so browsing discretion is advised. :3

Figure News: Max Factory Emiya Kiritsugu PVC (Fate/zero version) listed at Amazon

Emiya Kiritsugu, Shirou’s enigmatic foster father in Fate / stay night and one of the main characters of the serial novel Fate/zero, is being made into a figure by Max Factory – or so says this Amazon page. While it’s not a full fledged preorder listing yet it does note that the figure is scheduled for release in January of 2008; this may be a spoiler for a scoop meant for Wonder Festival this weekend, so perhaps we should pretend we didn’t see it… Edit: lu-k notes that both this and the earlier announced Saber/zero were on display at Chara City in Akihabara on July 27th (Moeyo scoop). (no more)

Figure News: pages up for Saber / Zero, Swimsuit Masane and Rihoko, and Pani Poni Dash trading figures

A bunch of great figure news in this morning, mostly confirming earlier scoops: Goodsmile represents first with an official page for Max Factory’s December release Saber / Zero from Fate / Zero, then online shop Sorio with a preorder page for the October-release Toranoana swimsuit ver. Masane and Rihoko from Witchblade that we scooped a week or so ago; Kotobukiya rounds things off with official notice and promo material for their December release Pani Poni Dash trading figure set. Edit: the preorders are already going up at Amiami, so activity should be starting elsewhere soon as well. Pictures below:

Figure News: Nendoroid Rider and Primula from Goodsmile, Revoltech Yotsuba preorder coming soon

Goodsmile has put up entries today for a pair of new Nendoroid figures, Charinko (bicycle) Rider from Fate / hollow ataraxia and Primula, an extra included with the upcoming Primula no Chicchana Daibouken PC CD-ROM game. This game is based on the desktop accessory extras included with the Shuffle! region 2 anime DVDs, and is scheduled for an October release at 7,980 yen; the Rider is a regular Nendoroid (priced at 3,500 yen) and will go on sale in November. In other news, Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Express blog is reporting that the earlier announced Yotsuba Revoltech figure will be going up for preorder any day now in anticipation of her September 27th release. Tanoshimi~ (no more)

Figure News: Wonder Festival ’07 Summer Goodsmile, Max Factory lineup confirmed

We initially reported on the Wonder Festival offerings from Goodsmile a few days ago, and this evening their special event page was fleshed out with more pictures, details on item availability, and the identity of the item formerly listed as secret (WE CALLED IT!!). Already having the Shiranui Mai on preorder I have to admit the thing that has my attention the most right now is the plush Saber… she’s just too. Damn. CUTE. ;_; The majority of the items on display here will subsequently be available via the Goodsmile online shop; whether other shops will also be supported is unknown, but we’ll be keeping an eye on this. (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile announces Nendoroid Sakura, Max Factory’s Fasalina, Yulie Ahtreide

Man the preorders! Goodsmile has just posted listings for a Nendoroid Hetare Sakura PVC/ABS from Fate / stay night, and after nearly a year of waiting Max Factory’s Fasalina (“Fasarinal”?) from Gun x Sword is also online in an official capacity. Yulie Ahtreide from Wild Arms the Fourth Detonator represents as well to round out this assay into the Goodsmile collective’s October release lineup, set to drain wallets everywhere… Fasalina will be mine. >:3 (no more)