A bit of fallout from July’s Adult Treasure Expo 2007 may tragically be going by the wayside. Eropon, a series of [ERO] gashapon sets mostly featuring realistic bondage themes, unveiled its 4th series Eropon Ero+Weapon trading figures at the expo. A moe-themed departure from the lineup’s previous fare, for a month or so following the event a page was up here with a splash image advertising the release; when I went to investigate for this post however the entire Eropon page was usurped by some hideous porn beast. Not only that, but Eropon’s parent company Alfrex seems delinquent on their hosting payments as well (though Alfrex’s parent Treasure Works still seems somehow alive); while the pamphlet on display with the figures lists them as for sale in “winter 2007” we still have a sliver of hope, but it looks like all that may remain of these items are a few blog posts and (at least) one sad fan. (no more)