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Rumor: To Heart 2 Another Days lacks Ikuno route?

An update at Moon Phase has lent credence to the rumor that the long-awaited latest installment in the To Heart 2 franchise, Another Days, lacks a story route for Komaki Ikuno. The invalid younger sister of Komaki Manaka was a big draw leading up to the release of the Another Days expansion, so if this news is true it could mean we’re in for another round of hellfire from irate Japanese fans similar to the ones that accompanied the release of Light’s Dies Irae and Cuffs’ Garden. We’ll be watching for further news on this; the game goes on sale this Friday, February 29th.


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[ERO] Game Week in Review: October 26th, 2007

This is the big release weekend of the month, with 29 new games coming out today, October 26th. Among the most significant are Makura’s Integral after and another, Crossnet’s Happy Margaret, Sky Fish’s Harukaze Dori ni, Tomarigi wo, Studio e.go!’s X vain, Windmill’s Tsunagaru Banguru, Selen’s Shin Ringetsu, and Akatsuki Works’ Boku wa Sadame Kimi ni wa Tsubasa wo. Hardcore titles include Clockup’s Ryoujoku Gakuenchou and Nomad’s Inraku no Miko; budget titles of note are Morning’s Bukkake!! and the standard edition release of Zero’s Hitorijime!. The full list of the week’s titles is below:

[ERO] Game News: October 19th week in review

Eroge on sale today: Sunlight’s Kannabi, MBS Truth’s Seieki Shunkan! Idou?!, Morning’s Bukkake!! ~Senpai wa Milk Mamire~ (download only), Caramel Box’s Yarukibako 2, Eroro’s Dain Focus, PlumZERO’s Fukushu no Rensa Triple Pack, and Carmine’s Utsusemi ni Furerumono. This is just a small prelude to next week’s release lineup, which at a glance sports 30 titles… In other eroge news the cover for this month’s Tech Gian is now online, bringing news of a new collaboration by the artist and scenario writer who brought us Tarte’s incredibly popular Katahane earlier this year. In eroanime news an official page is up at Pixy for Dorei Maid Princess vol. 2, slated for download release on October 27th. We’ll bring further eroge coverage this weekend pending the actual in-store release of Tech Gian. (no more)

Figure News: Toys Planning presents Nekomiya Nono PVC from Yotsunoha, now in preorder

Amiami’s evening update today brought news of a Nekomiya Nono PVC figure now available for preorder and scheduled for release from Toys Planning in November, at 18 cm tall and 6,500 yen retail. Given that she’s the heroine of Haikuo-soft’s eroge Yotsunoha (Wikipedia) (all ages OVA) and given the high price (and the awkward clothing sculpt), I’m guessing she’s castoffable to at least a certain degree; a pity that she hardly resembles the cute original Nono design in any way. Show us you can do better, Toypla! (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Tony-designed Ciel game capsule figure set announced from Millennium

Ciel put a page up on their official site yesterday detailing the release of a Digital Gals Paradise Figure Collection Ciel Limited Collector’s Figure ~Tony Illustration Games~ gashapon set. Entries are from Mitama ~Shinobu~, Sora no Iro Mizu no Iro, Genmukan, After…, and Arcana, plus one secret; they’re due out in December at 500 yen each. As is typical of Millennium offerings the sculpts and paint jobs here look pretty atrocious, but for the price nothing similar really exists. :/ Illustrator Taka Tony’s homepage can be found here. (no more)