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[ERO] Anime News: new White Bear project features Mogudan, Kino Hitoshi, Maruta designs

Adult media company Mediabank was selling a doujinshi at Comiket 73 (Toranoana mail order page) that featured a short volume of rough sketches from artists Kino Hitoshi, Maruta, and Mogudan, along with a DVD that contained preview material from three eroanime episodes currently in production, one designed by each of the above artists and produced by Mediabank eroanime label White Bear (the full Mediabank eroanime catalog can be found here). Those familiar with White Bear’s work won’t be surprised to hear that fidelity to the artists’ original designs is questionable, but news that veteran director Yoshi-Ten (of Bible Black fame) will be helming the Mogudan episode makes me optimistic that it will be something worth seeing. Screenshots and further details below:

[ERO] Anime News: new eroanime brand Suzuki Mirano launched, flagship title dubbed “Grope”

New eroanime brand Suzuki Mirano opened its official site on October 29th, along with the news that the first title in its production pipeline will be “Grope: Yami no Naka no Kotoritachi” and is based on the 2003 May-Be Soft eroge by the same name. Looking at the character designs and the font used in the page’s promotional text I’d bet dollars to donuts that this joins Himajin and Amour in the Anik brand portfolio, but with the current lack of information on the site it’s impossible to say for sure. It seems we can expect a full site opening some time in December. (no more)

[ERO] Game News: October 19th week in review

Eroge on sale today: Sunlight’s Kannabi, MBS Truth’s Seieki Shunkan! Idou?!, Morning’s Bukkake!! ~Senpai wa Milk Mamire~ (download only), Caramel Box’s Yarukibako 2, Eroro’s Dain Focus, PlumZERO’s Fukushu no Rensa Triple Pack, and Carmine’s Utsusemi ni Furerumono. This is just a small prelude to next week’s release lineup, which at a glance sports 30 titles… In other eroge news the cover for this month’s Tech Gian is now online, bringing news of a new collaboration by the artist and scenario writer who brought us Tarte’s incredibly popular Katahane earlier this year. In eroanime news an official page is up at Pixy for Dorei Maid Princess vol. 2, slated for download release on October 27th. We’ll bring further eroge coverage this weekend pending the actual in-store release of Tech Gian. (no more)