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Protoculture News: English version of Akiba Blog goes online (updated)

We’ve known it’s been brewing in the wings for a few weeks now thanks to a link on the Japanese Akiba Blog site, but as of today it’s finally live – English Akiba Blog. Little is known about the spinoff beyond what can be immediately seen: it’s a direct English translation of the content of the Japanese side, with advertisements tailored to an international audience from Hobby Search (figures) and Himeya (eroge); who is doing the translations is unknown, but their tone is decidedly Engrishy. It’s hard to say what impact this will have on the English language otaku news establishment in the long run, but from the perspective of one Japan-resident blogger it’s clear there’s a major new player on the scene, and we’ll be watching this one closely. Update: I just received an email press release from the organization behind the new English Akiba Blog that sheds a bit of light on who’s working on it and to what end. Text of the PR follows:

[ERO] Game News: G-Collections’ Bazooka Cafe mastered up

Word is in from maker G-Collections that their latest game, Bazooka Cafe, has been completed and sent to the duplicators for mass production. Bazooka Cafe is the English language, uncensored remake of Trabulance’s 2004 Pururun Cafe, featuring art from Sumeragi Kohaku (Erogamescape), famous for his work on TinkerBell’s Hitozuma Kasumi-san among other large-chested titles. It’s one of those games where what you see on the cover is a good representation of what you get; recommended for fans of amply endowed heroines, but not to fans of deep, involved stories or varieties of body types other than sexy. If you’d care to support HD with your purchase the game is still available for preorder (free shipping!) from J-List. (no more)