Originally launched several years ago as a download shop for amateur doujin works, DLsite has been steadily expanding the scope of its offerings through the opening of professional PC game shops, a shop for female-oriented material, an all-ages shop, an English language shop, and as of today (April 15th, 2008) an e-book shop.

DLsite Books replaces the now-defunct DLsite Cosplay, which had received increasingly fewer submissions over the past year; those who had purchased cosplay items can still access them via the book shop’s calendar history (where they are still for sale as well), though it seems future cosplay items will not be accepted for consignment at present.

DLsite Books launched today with an initial lineup of 30 erotic manga volumes and novels from various publishers, and is planning to update with new titles daily – exciting news for foreign fans with otherwise limited ability to obtain these volumes, or for anyone looking for items that are otherwise out of print. The initial run of 30 titles contains a pretty wide range of offerings, including one that we reviewed here [WARNING: MANIAC ERO]; time will tell whether the focus will remain on older titles, but here’s hoping to see a mix of old and new as we monitor future daily updates (and bring you the best of the bunch).

The books are being sold in PDF format and have downloadable preview segments online. Prices are roughly equivalent to the analog versions.

In related news, today’s DLsite update changed the visual look of the site interface. Our download tutorial is still accurate however, should you be interested in procuring any of these fine wares.