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Pre-C70 Notes

If our event coverage we were any more cutting-edge we’d slice our fingers open, drop the knife, stumble, and impale ourselves on the upturned blade – lengthwise – before dying a slow painful death of blood loss!

Event Report: Comic Market 69

If Akihabara is the spiritual center of the otaku world, the Tokyo Big Sight is surely its physical center, around which hundreds of thousands of people gather to worship in a bi-annual pilgrimage to the gods of amateur comics, erotic games, and cosplay.

Comiket 69: Prelude to the Aftermath

Day 2: ninety-nine percent male.

One down, one to go…

Entering the Big Sight on day 1 of Comiket 69

Event Report: Comic Market 68 (Day Three)

I got up at four in the morning on August 14th, day three of Comiket 68, and headed down to the 7-11 on the corner near my house to wait for Shiarobo and Eima and begin the now-familiar trek with them down to the Big Sight. Eima’s car had been broadsided by a truck whose […]

Comiket 68 Fallout

I’ll be putting a full report together once my feet stop hurting.

Comic Market 68, Day 3: Fine.

Perhaps not literally “fine”, but water isn’t pouring down in buckets. Here’s hoping the weather holds. That consideration has been rendered less important, though, by my eleventh hour acquisition of a circle ticket (!) under the kind auspices of Shiarobo, who had a friend back out at the last minute. Today may be one for […]

Comic Market 68, Day 1: Rain.

This is the first Comiket update you’re likely to see online, but that’s because I’m not there today. My preparations came to a grinding halt a couple of days ago when for no discernable reason I decided to play through the copy of Neverwinter Nights I brought back with me from the stash of games […]

Comic Market Preparation

Comic Market Preparation