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Clayz’s Tama-nee, Sasara preorders open

A pair of figures from Clayz that we first saw announced at Hobby Channel several months ago finally hit the preorder circuit yesterday: their Kousaka Tamaki and Kusugawa Sasara (school uniform versions) from To Heart 2. Both are sculpted by Miyakawa Takeshi (T’s System) and both are scheduled to retail in October at 1/6 scale (height unspecified) and 6,090 yen. Neither figure is known to be castoffable. Images of both can be found below:

Clayz clothes-changing Tamaki, Manaka preorders open

Thanks to Diebi Manabu for pointing this out in comments to a recent post: a pair of To Heart 2 figures that we originally scooped last November have finally been made available for preorder. Both are prepainted, assembled PVC figures from maker Clayz and feature sculpts from Miyakawa Takeshi (T’s System). Kousaka Tamaki (swimsuit ver.) is 1/6 scale (height unspecified), and is scheduled for release in July at 6,090 yen. Komaki Manaka is scheduled for release in August, likewise at 1/6 scale (height unspecified) and 6,090 yen retail. No word is yet available on the third Tama-nee sculpt announced last November, but we’ll keep an eye out for the preorder listing and post when it appears. Images below:

Figure News: Clayz presents To Heart 2 XRATED’s Kusugawa Sasara

I could just bump the earlier post yet again but I figured this was worth its own original mention: last night Hobby Channel revealed that Clayz will be producing yet another To Heart 2 PVC figure, Kusugawa Sasara. Like Tama-nee and Manaka before her she’s listed at 1/6 scale and 5,800 yen retail, scheduled for release in the spring of 2008. Of the four TH2 figures announced in this Clayz blitz thus far this is the one I’m liking the looks of the most, though I’m still thinking that when it comes down to it Resinya’s offering may be the only PVC Sasara for me. (no more)

Figure News: T’s System Tama-nee, Manaka PVCs coming from Clayz

Late last night Hobby Channel updated with a pair of scoops on two new To Heart 2 figures coming from sculptor Miyagawa Takeshi and PVC maker Clayz: a Kousaka Tamaki PVC and a Komaki Manaka PVC. Both are 1/6 scale and set to retail at 5,800 yen next spring. Neither of these does much for me personally, but it’s nice to see Clayz getting a bit more active on the PVC side of things again. If only they’d put out some of the material showcased at the Moe~ro Matsuri. 07/11/13 Update: Hobby Channel scooped yet another Clayz Tama-nee figure last night, with the same release specifications as the earlier two. I wonder what’s up with the sudden rush of announcements… (no more)

Figure News: Clayz’s Escalayer PVC from Beat Angel Escalayer up for preorder

We first reported on Clayz’s foray into the world of Alice Soft eroge Beat Angel Escalayer back in September, and news is in from Amiami this evening that the game’s heroine now walks among us – in preorder form, at least. Clayz’s Escalayer PVC represents at 1/6 scale (26 cm tall) and 7,665 yen retail, with release expected in January of next year; the sculpt is from juggernaut craftsman Miyakawa Takeshi (Amiami search), and while I don’t see it offering much competition to Alter’s version this will be a nice alternative for Escalayer fans out there. (no more)

Weekend Event Roundup: Dream Party Osaka, Clayz Matsuri, Queen’s Coliseum II, Sukima Festival

In this post we hit the highlights of several events that went down over the November 3-4 weekend: Dream Party Osaka, the Kansai version of Dream Party Tokyo; Clayz Moe~ro Matsuri, the yearly expo of Clayz figures and work by associated sculptors (blog); Queen’s Coliseum II, the first [ERO] doujin event to take place at the Taitou building in Asakusa following the dropping of the censorship banhammer; and Sukima Festival, a collection of niche themed doujin events that just happened to also include Hatsune Miku and Gurren Lagann.

Event News: Clayz Moero Matsuri scheduled for November 4th

Hobby Channel is reporting that figure maker Clayz will be holding their fourth annual “Moero Matsuri” in Akihabara on November 4th. It’s a small event held to showcase Clayz kits new and old, as well as to sell limited edition garage kits, PVCs, and this time a new cold cast version of the sculpted Sukumizu Pettan figure that debuted in resin at last year’s event. I went last year but didn’t manage to write up a report; if I have my wits together and can make it down to Tokyo I’ll try to do a more thorough job this time around. (no more)