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Figure Review: Chrono Gate’s Mylene Hoffman PVC from 009-1

There’s a limit to the amount of skin you can show on a figure and still classify it as non-ero, and Chrono Gate’s Mylene is just about at that limit. This is what initially drew me to the kit, and my appreciation of her original design and affinity for the 009-1 anime sealed the deal. Were these reasons enough to justify the purchase? I’m not entirely sure, but maybe you’ll have a more concrete opinion…

Figure News: preorder and limited edition miscellany

A few miscellaneous items now in preorder: Resinya’s Kushieda Minori from Toradora! (January release), Aizu Project’s Ryomou Shimei (gosurori ver.) cold cast from Ikkitousen (February release), Beat’s original Amaha Collection Wildcat Anna (December release), and Chrono Gate’s Murata Yukari from Rocket Girls (March release). In limited edition news, a Nitro+ online shop limited Kuro no Franco will be released with additional scarf, different facial expression and different colored underwear; a limited edition pink Konomi (maid ver.) is coming from Kotobukiya shops, and an Amiami-limited Wildcat Anna will be available in silver. Also in from Kotobukiya via Akiba Hobby is word that we’ll be seeing a Shining Wind Kureha from them sometime next year. (no more)