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Figure News: Hobby Japan January 2008 leftovers

We’ve already scooped the bulk of what was new in this month’s issue of Hobby Japan, but after getting my hands on an actual copy of the magazine last night I noticed a few other odds and ends that might be of interest. Includes updates from Witchblade, Kimikiss, Code Geass, Queen’s Blade, Bible Black, and Nitro+ character designer Niθ; details below:

Figure News: Alpha Omega’s C.C. and Karen from Code Geass up for preorder

Hobby Stock has the distinction today of being the first to list the maiden launch figures of Alpha Omega‘s PVC lineup: Karen and C.C. from Code Geass. We reported yesterday that Alpha Omega’s official site had just opened with a showcase of these two figures (first introduced at last summer’s Wonder Festival), and as anticipated the turnaround to their preorder listing was speedy indeed. With Hobby Stock leading the charge other shops can be expected to soon follow; without knowing the numbers in the production run for these I’d advise a prompt preorder if you really want them, as the popularity of Geass (combined with the Alter / Megahouse reputation for quality) can’t be underestimated. Update: we now have confirmation of the listing, as they’re both up at Amiami and have been restored at Hobby Stock as well. (no more)