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Alter announces Odin Sphere’s Gwendolyn, Saber reissue

Figure maker Alter updated their official site today with listings for their December ’08 release schedule, including one brand new figure and a reissue of a popular earlier release. First up is a fantastic PVC sculpt of Gwendolyn from PS2 RPG Odin Sphere. She’s scheduled for release at 8,190 yen retail and 1/8 scale (35 cm tall, base included), with Fukumoto Tokuhou on sculpting duty. Next in their December lineup is a reissue of the popular Saber (maid version) PVC originally released last September (HD review). The reissue will retail for 8,190 yen, with the sculpt as before from Kuramoto Ikuma of Millimeter Modeling. With official listings up at Alter preorders should shortly follow. Images below:

Alter announces school uniform Haruhi, Shuffle’s Asa

The official site of figure maker Alter was updated today with two new figures scheduled for release in November of this year: Suzumiya Haruhi (school uniform ver.) from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, and Shigure Asa from SHUFFLE! MEMORIES. The Haruhi figure is being produced in cooperation with Chara-Ani and features a sculpt from Inagaki Hiroshi, and is to be released at 1/8 scale (18 cm tall) and 6,090 yen. Asa is is also coming at 1/8 scale (21 cm tall) and 7,140 yen, with a sculpt from Kuramoto Ikuma of Millimeter Modeling. Figure images below:

Chara-Ani’s Ryuubi Gentoku features “soft toes”

In our most recent Mainichi update we mentioned a new figure in the works from Chara-Ani and Alter of Ikkitousen‘s Ryuubi Gentoku, and Milestone updated last night with a product listing that provides pictures and further information. She’s scheduled for release in late September at 7,140 yen and 1/8 scale (8 cm high, 17 cm long), comes with a castoffable “Y-shirt”, and in a first in the PVC figure world her feet are made from the soft, pliant material that has graced the chests of other figures in the recent past. The sculpt is from RINRIN of Dragon Craft. The currently available images are reproduced below:

Alter does Evangelion Rei, P3 Elizabeth, Onee Chanbara Aya

Figure maker Alter updated their official site this morning with listings for three new figures scheduled to appear in their October ’08 release lineup! The first is Ayanami Rei, heroine of the Eva franchise (here credited as being from the new movie, though it’s hard to tell). Her sculpt is from Numakura Toshiaki, and she’s set for release at 1/8 scale (17 cm long) and 6,090 yen retail. Next up is Elizabeth from Persona 3 FES, with a sculpt from Saitou Fumiki. She’s also due out at 6,090 yen and 1/8 scale (22 cm tall). Finally there’s Aya, from Onee-Chanbara VorteX. She’s due out at 1/7 scale (25 cm tall) and 8,190 yen, with a sculpt from Takeuchi Goutarou (Atelier Bamboo). None of the three appear to be significantly castoffable. Images below:

Figure Review: Alpha Omega Queen’s Blade Shizuka

When we first saw her in prototype at Wonder Festival last summer and later learned of her castoff potential, a preorder was mandated by some sort of federal law. With two of the top figure makers in the business collaborating on the project and a price that shouts rude epithets at the rising cost of oil (not to mention her demonic good looks), who could possibly resist Shizuka’s allure? Not me, which is why I am making this post:

Queen’s Gate Alice figure update (updated)

Update: preorders are now open at Amiami for Alice, Mellona, Ibuki, and Mika.

Original Post: Two slight movements on the Alice scene over the noon hour today: first is a Moeyo! Akibajin Blog post that scoops the resin sample of the adult Alice (“Boost” version Alice) we saw yesterday in the pages of Hobby Japan. She’s apparently now on display at the Kotobukiya store in Akihabara, and he’s got a photo gallery with some great close-up shots (though this one casts a discouraging light on her castoff prospects).

Second is an update at the official Alter x Megahouse collaboration Alpha Omega brand homepage, which presents a listing for the Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Gate Mon wo Hiraku Mono Alice (Arisu) finished PVC model that we’ve been tracking for the past few months. The page confirms information we’d previously reported on the figure (August release at 5,775 yen, Akatsuki sculpt, 1/8 scale, 14.5 cm tall, castoffable), and now that she’s online we can expect preorders to commence very shortly – likely later in the day today. This post will be updated once the first preorders are spotted.

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Hobby Stock’s Tsuzuri preorder open

The official blog of online figure and otaku goods retailer Hobby Stock updated this morning with the news that preorders would commence for their store-limited Lycoris Radiata Tsuzuri PVC today (April 21st) at noon, and indeed they have! We now have complete release details for the figure, as well as castoff images (reproduced below): the figure will ship in September at 1/8 scale (18 cm tall), with a sculpt from Hiroman (homepage) and production cooperation from Alter. The retail price is 8,190 yen (tax included), but for preorders placed by midnight on April 27th the price is reduced to 7,665 yen. Those interested in purchasing internationally will have to do so through a proxy service, as the figure is confirmed as available exclusively through Hobby Stock’s online shop. Image gallery below:

Figure Review: Alter’s Franco il Nero (Kuro no Franco)

Kuro no Franco (Franco il Nero) hit store shelves today as the second figure in Alter’s trilogy of heroines from last year’s dynamite Nitro+ eroge Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango (Tre Donne Crudeli). Following on the heels of December’s Donne Anonime would be no small feat, but if successful the acrobatic pose chosen for Franco’s incarnation had the potential to outclass even the Woman with No Name. Does Alter’s production prove up to the task? Franco would like to have a word with you on that…

Pop Wonderland Little Red Riding Hood preorder open

Happinet’s online shop updated this morning with a listing for a new PVC figure from Alter, the POP WONDERLAND-inspired Little Red Riding Hood. She’s set for release in September at 1/8 scale (19.5 cm tall) with a retail price of 7,854 yen. Sculptor information is currently unknown, but as she follows Alter’s earlier POP-designed Alice in Wonderland PVC odds are good that the sculpt is from Morikawa Hiroaki. The single product image currently available can be found below: Update: full image gallery now online:

Hobby Stock’s lycoris radiata Tsuzuri, now in color

We first reported the news that Hobby Stock was working on a store-limited Tsuzuri PVC from Terios eroge りこりす -lycoris radiata- following Wonder Festival 2007 Summer almost eight months ago. An unpainted prototype surfaced in February, and this evening the first color shots of the kit have arrived online, courtesy of both Hobby Stock and Akiba Hobby. Little is known about the kit at this point other than that she’s 1/8 scale, is based on an original illustration by Yokota Mamoru, is being produced in cooperation with Alter, and is castoffable to at least some extent (as hinted at by the seam in this image and in the text of the Hobby Stock article). The sculptor is currently uncredited and there is no information regarding the precise size of the kit, its price, or a release timeframe; we do know that she is limited to Hobby Stock sale only, so purchase via proxy will be necessary for those outside Japan. We’ll keep an eye out for the eventual preorder listing and castoff images. A single selection from Hobby Stock’s gallery is reproduced below:

Alter’s Tsukishiro Miina, Beat Blades Haruka preorders open

Alter updated their official site over the noon hour today with new product listings for two figures we initially reported on at Wonder Festival: their upcoming Tsukishiro Miina and Takamori Haruka PVCs (from Getsumen Toheiki Miina and Choukou Sennin Haruka – Beat Blades Haruka respectively). Miina is due out in August at 6,615 yen retail and 1/8 scale (22 cm tall), with a sculpt from Nishimura Naoki (Pilot). Haruka will be coming in September, at 7,140 yen retail and 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) and with a sculpt from Akitagawa Noboru. Immediately following Alter’s listing the kits went up for preorder at Happinet’s online shop (Miina, Haruka) and should be available elsewhere soon as well. Images below:

Alter augments August lineup with Nanoha’s Vita, Unison

Figure maker Alter updated its official page today with entries for Vita and Unison Vita PVC figures from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. Both are due out in August at 1/7 scale (19 cm tall) and 7,140 yen with a sculpt from Tanaka Toushi, the difference between the two being the color scheme and the Graf Eisen hammer head configurations that come with each. The regular Vita comes with Hammerform, Raketenform, and Zerstörungform, while Unison Vita comes with Hammerform, Raketenform, and Gigantform (name source: Wikipedia). With official listings online preorders should follow shortly. Images below:

Alter’s Lily Salvatana, Chouun Shiryuu REPRESENT!

From the land of ultimate smoking hotness comes word that Alter’s Lily Salvatana, the third and final figure in their Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango (Tre Donne Crudeli) series, is now online! She’s looking just as magnificent as when we saw her at Wonder Festival, and speaking personally this is the figure I’ve been most anticipating since we first scooped the game almost a year ago. Based on designs from the immortal Niθ and with a sculpt from Tanaka Senu, Lily clocks in at 1/8 scale (22 cm tall) and 7,140 yen, with release set for July of this year. With her up at Alter preorders should be appearing within the next few minutes… pictures and news on Chouun below:

Alter lists Chuua Churam, preorders follow

Fresh from her debut last weekend at Wonder Festival Alter blazes ahead with their release schedule, presenting an official page for their upcoming Chuua Churam PVC figure from Chu x Chu Idol! As previously reported she’s scheduled to retail in July at 7,140 yen, non-scale (~20 cm tall), with a sculpt from Yagyuu Satoshi. Who is Chuua Churam? She’s the combined “gattai” form that appears when the game’s two main heroines, Chu Chu Astram and Nakauchi Chiyu, kiss. :3 Picture below:

Figure News: Alter announces maid version Mikuru

Alter just posted a product entry for an Asahina Mikuru (maid ver.) PVC figure from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. She’s sculpted by Numakura Toshiaki (of circle Sinsemilla) and is scheduled for release in June at 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) and 6,090 yen. The figure is being produced in cooperation with Chara-Ani. (no more)

Figure News: Alter’s June linup unveiled, includes Siesta and Kirijou Mitsuru

Alter updated their official site this afternoon with product entries for two new PVC figures slated for June release. The first is Siesta, clad in her maid uniform from Zero no Tsukaima; sculpt is from JUN, and she’s 1/8 scale (20 cm tall) with a retail price of 5,775 yen. The second is Kirijou Mitsuru from Persona 3, who comes with two alternate arm configurations (handgun and rapier). She stands at 21 cm tall (1/8 scale), and retails at 6,090 yen. Sculpt is from Saitou Fumiki (Ingaouhou). Preorders are already open at Moe Soul for both Siesta and Mitsuru, and should be up elsewhere soon. (no more)

Figure News: Little Busters’ Kurugaya Yuiko from Toy’sworks, Alter and Revoltech at WF 2008 Winter, release delays

Toy’sworks put up a promotional image on their official site today advertising the production of a Kurugaya Yuiko figure from Key’s Little Busters!. She’s scheduled for release in May at 6,800 yen retail and 1/8 scale (12 cm tall). In other figure news, the industry presence at Wonder Festival 2008 Winter is ramping up today with the announcement from Alter of a limited edition white version of their Quiz Magic Academy Sharon figure for sale at the event, and Kaiyodo’s announcement on their Revoltech Blog that they’ll be releasing their Gurren Lagann Revoltech at the event, a whopping three months before its official street date. Finally, word is in from Orchid Seed that their January release lineup (Feane, Al Ajif / Another Blood, and Fumie) has been pushed back to February, and Max Factory’s Onegai Onsen trading figures have been pushed back to February as well. (no more)

Figure News: Alter’s Kanu (black ver.) preorder open, Kemeko Nendoroid unmasked, Figma TV commercial

A few random figure news items from yesterday, starting with this: the black uniform version of Alter’s Kanu Unchou PVC that we scooped in December is now available for preorder. It’s an exclusive Hobby Japan online shop release, so if you’re looking to score a copy proxying may be the only way to go. Next, the official Goodsmile blog updated with an informal profile of the Kemeko Nendoroid from Kemeko Deluxe that we scooped in the figure fallout from C73. It turns out the freakish chibi Kemeko is actually a “human”-shaped robot in which Em-Em rides; stay tuned for further updates on this and the companion 1/8-scale Em-Em figure from Goodsmile soon. Finally, Max Factory action figure brand Figma aired a commercial last night (viewable here) along with the first episode of ARIA The ORIGINATION that featured their Nagato Yuki in a brief stop-motion animation version of the Haruhi dance. (no more)

Figure News: limited edition black uniform version of Alter’s Kanu coming from Hobby Channel, etc.

Some bits of figure news coming over the desk from yesterday evening: first is news that Hobby Japan’s online arm Hobby Channel will be offering a 700-piece limited edition run of a black school uniform variant of Alter’s Kanu Unchou PVC from Ikkitousen. She’s set for release in April at specs similar to her regular edition counterpart (1/8 scale, 21.5 cm tall, 7,140 yen) and preorders open at the Hobby Japan online shop on January 7th. See below for more news:

December 21st 2007 figure news roundup (updated)

A whole lot of action on the figure front to sum up today, including a continuation of Cerberus Project’s collaboration with Wafuudou Ganguten, a faux trap figure from Toy’sworks that’s almost Bridgetlicious, a bunny Haruhi + guitar prize figure, a review of the Haruhi itasha model first seen back at the Miyazawa Model exhibition, a step-by-step tour through a Nakoruru castoff, a couple of new angles on Alter’s Kanu, and a Keumaya update. Check it out! Update: Keumaya’s new items up at Toranoana, Revoltech Fraeulein Asuka and Play Stationery Rin up for preorder!

Figure News: Alter’s May lineup preorder commences, includes Jigoku Shoujo’s Enma Ai and Megachu!’s Jordh

Alter unveiled two new PVC items on their official site today, both set for release in May of 2008. First up is Enma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo, coming in at 1/8 scale (10 cm tall) and 5,040 yen retail. Sculpt is from Asano Yuuji. Second is Jordh, from Frontwing’s eroge Megachu!; her sculpt is based on an original illustration from Kuuchuu Yousai, and clocks in at 1/8 scale (13 cm tall), with sculpting duty courtesy of Kouzuki Hajime. As of posting preorders are already up at Moe Soul / Happinet, and should be up elsewhere soon. [Enma Ai gallery] [Jordh gallery] (no more)

Figure Review: Alter’s Donne Anonime (Namae no Nai Onna) from Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango

We’ve been following the development of Nitro+’s Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango from its bizarre English language announcement back in March, through its official site opening, its July release, the announcement of Alter’s Donne Anonime in June and subsequent announcement of Kuro no Franco, and now Donne Anonime’s release. What does the first figure incarnation from the latest Nitro+ tour de force have to offer? Read on for the nitty gritty spit-in-your-eye sci fi spaghetti Western straight shootin’ truth!

[ERO] Figure News: Excellent Model CORE Queen’s Blade Shizuka up at Alpha Omega (updated)

With color preproduction images appearing in last month’s Hobby Japan it was only a matter of time before she appeared online in an official capacity, and today is the day: Megahouse x Alter collaboration brand Alpha Omega presents official pages for both the regular edition Excellent Model Core Queen’s Blade EX Koumanin Guntouryou Shizuka and her Hobby Japan limited alternate color counterpart Nukenin version. Designed by artist Eiwa and first appearing in the illustrated sound novel Queen’s Blade Bitoshi Gaiden, this 3D rendition of Shizuka will go on sale in April of next year at 5,775 yen retail and 1/8 scale (22 cm tall). With her up at Alpha Omega’s official site preorders should begin online shortly; a listing for the limited version is already up at Play Asia (though still display only) so it looks like they will be offering it as they have with past HJ-only figures. For a full preview of Shizuka including [ERO] shots check out Hobby Channel‘s coverage. Update: as of this evening she is now available for preorder at Amiami. (no more)

Figure News: Alter’s Kanu Unchou, Reinforce Zwei up for preorder

We predicted in yesterday’s Miyazawa Model Exhibition news roundup that Kanu and Reinforce would be up for preorder soon, and WHAM – here they are! Moe Soul is the first up to the plate with the listings for both. Alter’s Kanu Unchou PVC figure from Ikkitousen is set for release in April 2008 at 7,140 yen and 1/8 scale (21.5 cm tall), with an age rating of 15+… this means castoff, right? Right? Reinforce Zwei from Nanoha is also up for an April release, non-scale (19 cm tall) and 6,090 yen retail. She’s also listed with a 15+ age rating, though I have no idea why… pictures below (Updated!):

Figure News: Alter, Happinet present POP’s Alice in Wonderland in PVC

Famed moe artist POP presented his take on Fushigi no Kuni no Arisu (Alice in Wonderland) back in April of 2006, and now his vision is being enacted in the 3D realm in this new Alice PVC figure announced from Alter (production) and Happinet (sales and distribution) today. She clocks in at 1/8 scale (18 cm tall) and a slightly pricey 7,329 yen retail, with release scheduled for March of 2008; this looks to me like nothing less than an attempt to go head to head with Goodsmile’s recently announced Pastel Ink diorama figure, and I can only see an escalation of this war between former bedfellows as a tremendous windfall for fans of POP’s particular brand of hyper-saccharine cuteness. Alice is already up for preorder at Amiami and should be appearing elsewhere as I type this. (no more)

Figure News: Alter’s Nagato Yuki (swimsuit ver.) PVC from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu up for preorder

Blink these days and another Nagato figure is announced…. Alter put a page up this morning for their Nagato Yuki (swimsuit ver.) PVC figure from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu, and Amiami responded almost immediately with a preorder page (Chara-Ani has a limited edition white version as well). She’s due out in March of next year at 5,040 yen retail and 1/8 scale (14 cm tall), with a sculpting job from Tanaka Touji (Amiami search). This may be the most tempting Nagato kit yet, for me personally… (no more)

Figure News: Nitro+ shop limited version of Alter’s Kuro no Franco PVC unveiled

With the regular edition up for preorder last week, the official Nitro+ online shop today took the wraps off their limited edition Kuro no Franco PVC figure from Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango. As expected the three major design differences are her expression, the addition of a scarf, and the striped undergarment so brazenly flaunted in place of the original white. Those preferring this version will likely have to acquire it via a proxy, as she’s only available from the Nitro+ shop. (no more)

Figure News: preorder and limited edition miscellany

A few miscellaneous items now in preorder: Resinya’s Kushieda Minori from Toradora! (January release), Aizu Project’s Ryomou Shimei (gosurori ver.) cold cast from Ikkitousen (February release), Beat’s original Amaha Collection Wildcat Anna (December release), and Chrono Gate’s Murata Yukari from Rocket Girls (March release). In limited edition news, a Nitro+ online shop limited Kuro no Franco will be released with additional scarf, different facial expression and different colored underwear; a limited edition pink Konomi (maid ver.) is coming from Kotobukiya shops, and an Amiami-limited Wildcat Anna will be available in silver. Also in from Kotobukiya via Akiba Hobby is word that we’ll be seeing a Shining Wind Kureha from them sometime next year. (no more)

Figure News: Alter presents February lineup! Aloe & CPU Sharon, epic panty shot Kuro no Franco PVCs

Alter‘s February ’08 release lineup is fresh off the e-presses on the maker’s official site! Included are a 1/8 scale (18 cm) Aloe and CPU Sharon PVC set from Quiz Magic Academy at 5,565 yen, and a 1/8 scale (19 cm) Kuro no Franco PVC figure from Nitro+’s latest eroge, Zoku: Satsuriku no Jango coming in at 7,140 yen. The Kuro no Franco is a particularly amazing sculpt, with a panty shot that is more of a deliberately placed stop sign than a coquettish tease. Fits her character perfectly. :3 With these listed on the official site preorders should follow very shortly… can’t wait for the Kuro, myself. Edit: preorders are now up at Amiami with full image galleries: Aloe & Sharon, Kuro no Franco. (no more)

Figure News: Alter / Megahouse collaboration brand Alpha Omega official site launched

First announced at Wonder Festival 2007 Summer, the “Alpha Omega” figure brand that is a collaboration between Alter and Megahouse put its official site online today. Two figures are featured in conjunction with the site launch: the Code Geass C.C. and Karen PVCs that we’ve reported on twice before. They’re confirmed as due out in February of next year at 1/8 scale and 5,775 yen each; now that the official site is up I’m guessing it’ll be a matter of (relatively little) time before we see preorders for them. The vigil begins… (no more)