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Figure News: CM’s’ lifesize Kokonoe Rin figure now in color

Figure maker CM’s updated the official site for their Kodomo no Jikan Kokonoe Rin vinyl figure today with photos of her finished color version, and I must say they’re underwhelming. CM’s incompetence at smaller scales is well documented, but I thought they’d have an easier time with something closer to human size… apparently not. I’d imagine some who preordered before these shots appeared are having second thoughts right about now. (no more)

Figure News: 1/1 scale Potemayo figure coming from CM’s

The official Potemayo anime site updated yesterday with the news that a 1/1 scale Potemayo figure is currently in production. Not satisfied with their 1/1 Kokonoe Rin maker CM’s is on the job for this one as well, though unlike Rin Potemayo will go on sale in February at the rather more reasonable price of 8,925 yen (Potemayo voice actress Hanazawa Kana not included). We’ll be watching for color shots and preorder information as it becomes available. (no more)