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[ERO] Figure News: Atelier Sai’s Silfietta PVC from Meishoku no Reiki up for preorder (redux)

Amiami made a rare morning update today to post a preorder for Atelier Sai‘s [ERO] Silfietta PVC figure from Eushully’s Meishoku no Reiki eroge. She went up for preorder on Atelier Sai’s official site almost two weeks ago, but Amiami’s listing marks the beginning of her general availability via the broader array of online shops; as reported earlier her top is castoffable, and she’ll be retailing at 1/6 scale (25 cm tall) and 8,400 yen come December. Amiami matched the official Atelier Sai preorder discount of 20%, so here’s hoping other online shops will as well… (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Atelier-Sai’s Silfietta from Meishoku no Reiki up for preorder

We’ve been keeping tabs on the news surrounding Atelier-Sai’s Silfietta PVC figure from Eushully’s Meishoku no Reiki for the past week or so, and the latest word is that she’s now available for preorder on Atsai’s official site. They’re promoting their own preorder for her pretty strongly, but at the bottom of the page they grudgingly admit that she’ll be available via other stores as well so we can expect to see her appear shortly at places that have carried Atsai figures in the past. A quick rundown on the specs again: she’s 1/6 scale, 26 cm tall, comes with everything seen in the pictures, is castoffable, and is scheduled to retail at 8,400 yen (ouch) in December. Atsai has her up for preorder at 20% off, so hopefully places like Hobby Search will take that into consideration when they post their listings. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: GA Graphic scoops Atelier-Sai’s new release lineup, confirms Silfietta castoff

GA Graphic got the scoop today on several new items in Atelier-Sai‘s PVC lineup, including Lapis from Kaze no Stigma, a set of action figures from Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights 2, Hinomoto Hikari (winter clothes ver.) from Tokimeki Memorial 2, Kawasumi Mai from Kanon, and last but not least Silfietta from Meishoku no Reiki (scooped here last week). The Silfietta figure still stands out at the head of the pack, especially due to the confirmation of her castoffability; despite the high price I’m thinking she’s a pretty strong contender for purchase at this point. We’ll keep you appraised of preorder availability as it’s announced. All of the figures posted at GA today are scheduled for December release dates except for the Sweet Knights action figures, which are listed for “this fall”. (no more)

[ERO] Figure News: Atelier Sai presents Eushully’s Meishoku no Reiki Silfietta

The crack investigators over at Ascii spotted her on display in Akihabara’s Asobit City yesterday: a Silfietta Luashia PVC figure based on the heroine of eroge maker Eushully’s Meishoku no Reiki. Coming from the somewhat mediocre hands at Atelier Sai this is an item I’d pass over but for the very nice quality of the sample and the promise of castoffability asserted by the text of the Ascii post; she’s scheduled to street in December at 7,140 yen, and we’ll be watching to see if the PVC version lives up to what’s on display here. (no more)

Figure News: year-end release explosion

A whole lot of figures scheduled to come out in December ’07 were teetering on the brink of January, but look like they’re barely going to squeak in under the wire – a veritable torrent of items is coming our way in the week between Christmas and New Years that promises to make this a holiday season to remember for my threadbare wallet to curse for all eternity. Read on for a selected list:

Figure News: December release delays

If you’re like me and have an unseemly lot of figures preordered this month (or perhaps just one or two), the knowledge that quite a few of them will actually not be shipping until later could prove to be quite handy. What follows is a rundown of what we currently know about the release status of many of the December ’07 figures that have become hot topics over the past several months: