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Editor’s Desk: Pearls Before Swine? An opinion on the Gurren affair

The fifth episode of Gurren Lagann is about to air, but before it does I’d like to get my opinion on the whole mess out in the open. What it boils down to is this: we otaku are boorish and tasteless, Gainax is stupid and delusional, and none of this is very surprising (aside from the extent of Gainax’s cluelessness, but not of what you might think).

HDTV Episode 01: Aquarian Age Alternative arcade gameplay report

Shipon represents this evening with a wonderfully produced short detailing the multimedia experience that is the new Japanese arcade card battle game Aquarian Age Alternative. Check below for the first documentary mini feature in what from this day forth shall be known as the true meaning of HDTV (said with only a slight dash of hyperbole…).

Editor’s Desk: Room(s) With a View

Shipon, Seiya, and Shingo (say that three times fast) represent today with a compiled glimpse into their various havens of otakudom. If you’ve been wondering what makes the minds behind this site tick, wonder no more…

Under Election #000: Demo-tan?

In the nigh-endless quest to make all of the links on the HD front page point to something, I’m proud rather ashamed to present the first rushed, sloppy entry in Under Election: the saga of a website, a man, his search for the ineffable moe, a mascot, and her quest for world domination. Maybe if I keep up this level of craptasticness someone will come along and volunteer for art duty…

Pure Love Renaissance : How To Con In Japan – Part 1

Shipon delves into the logistics of conning in Japan in this informative series of… things. First up – Lodgings. Where can you stay in Tokyo when conning, that won’t con you out of your precious doujin/figure cash?

Otaku Trendspotting: The Printer-shi

HD presents the first installment in a what may or may not become a series of hard-hitting investigative journalism pieces, in which we take you behind the lines of the Japanese otaku front to discover bits of cultural flak that haven’t yet penetrated the collective kevlar jacket of the international fan community. Today’s topic: To Print or to Photocopy, That is the Question! aka The Gutenberg Doujinshi. Featuring a real live interview with a real live doujin artist!*

Business Models in the Eroge Industry: An Informal Survey

HD presents an informal analysis of current business models in Japan’s oldest industry. Well, maybe not the oldest. and maybe they’re not models, per se. Or particularly current. All I really know is that the money leaving my wallet in exchange for these things has got to be going somewhere…

Editor’s Desk: The (C)lass Room, In Memoriam

When I moved to Isesaki in January for my new job I didn’t just leave a cluttered den of otaku filth behind – I left a memory. If you don’t want to find yourself looking for a new job as well I strongly advise against viewing this post at work…

Tokyo Teleport Station: Dumpster Diving

In this installment of Tokyo Teleport Station, Seiya sheds some light on the best way to get ahold of internal production documents straight from your favorite animation studio. Hint: Asking them nicely isn’t going to do it.

Pure Love Renaissance : Nigel Woolcock’s Travels In The Orient

Shipon introduces an introductory introduction to Japan, Nigel Woolcock’s Travels In The Orient : Part XXI – Japan; an interesting look at the far exotic Asian destination and it’s strange and exotic customs.

Pure Love Renaissance : Foreigner Criminal File

Shipon returns from a long vacation in the sun Down Under to stir the sediment of a resting HD with a report on Gaijin Hanzai Ura Fairu or Foreigner Criminal File – the Japanese publication most likely to get confiscated on your return to your home country. But not for the reasons you might think.

Tokyo Teleport Station: The Shinjuku Subway Boiler Room

In this edition of Tokyo Teleport Station, Seiya recalls an exciting tale of danger and infiltration, and explains why it is impossible to save money by entering a subway station via the ceiling.

Pure Love Renaissance : The Budget Otaku

Shipon delves into the murky lifestyle cheats and hints for living that otaku life on a shoestring, and examines the question “How can I minimize my cost-of-living so I can finally buy that life sized Ayanami doll?”

Editor’s Desk: What’s in a Name?

In which Shingo lays bare the secrets behind the somewhat curious naming of this site. Just what exactly is a “Heisei democracy”?

Editor’s Desk: The Animating Principle

A response to comments on this post: is Japanese fan activity really just about the Fat Loot? HD combines a healthy dose of Genshiken with a few personal anecdotes to tackle the (anti)social world of Japanese otakudom.

Editor’s Desk: Back to Work

In which Shingo goes back to work, and HD goes back to regular updates.

Pure Love Renaissance Review : KyoAni ‘Kanon Prelude’

In the final in this gushy, over-the-top (according to your e-mails), Kanon worship series, Shipon scoops the entire universe with fresh screencaps from today’s release of the Kanon Prelude DVD.

Pure Love Renaissance : Kanon – The Diversification

Wherein Shipon continues to follow the path of Kanon from its origins as a PC eroge to the upcoming KyoAni anime incarnation, discusses deformity in animation and tells it like it is, ghetto-style.

Pure Love Renaissance Review : C70 Kanon Premiere Pack

A look at the Kanon Premier Pack that KyoAni & TBS released at Comiket 70.

Pure Love Renaissance Post-Con Report : Comiket 70

Shipon takes a break from his busy schedule of crying into the empty darkness to report on a first time trip to Comiket involving chance Pictochat encounters, child exploitation cosplay & the very obvious result of a stupid action.

Tokyo Teleport Station: The Secret World of Japanese Cosplay

In this week’s installment of Tokyo Teleport Station Seiya peels back the slick veneer of the Japanese metropolis to reveal its gritty underbelly: organized cosplay.

Pure Love Renaissance: The ‘Kanon’ Saga Begins

With the upcoming Kyoto Animation remake of the original Toei Kanon anime series, Shipon launches his column by diving into the history of Key’s wunder-property in a series tracing it from origins in PC Gaming to the impending anime release.

Editor’s Desk: We’ve Arrived (and to prove it we’re here)

The new incarnation of Heisei Democracy is officially open for business! Various corners are still under construction, so mind the hanging I-beams and flailing traffic-conductor Excel as we take you on a quick tour of what the new site has to offer.

Tokyo Teleport Station: The Great UCC Conspiracy

Ace investigator Seiya represents today with the first installment of Tokyo Teleport Station, an item that (we hope) will become a regular column here at HD. In it he’ll be covering everything from the etiquette of watching pornography in a capsule hotel to the proper way to break into Tokyo’s Gainax HQ (AT Field optional), but today he deals with a far more pressing issue: canned coffee. And you thought the NHK was a conspiracy…

An Open Letter to Jun Hongo

In which HD takes issue with an article recently published in the News section of the Japan Times, under the title “Porn ‘anime’ boasts a big US beachhead”.

Akihabara: The Musical

A pictoral journey into the heart of Akiba in search of the elusive Moe Burger.

Akihabara Wars: The Maid-dom Menace

In which HD ponders the merits of meidoculture, delves a bit into Akiba history, and comes up gasping and sputtering for breath. Maids in Akihabara: can there be too much of a good thing?

Sunshine in the Rain

In which HD attends his first doujin event in several months, gets very wet, meets some people, applies to participate as a circle himself, picks up the second volume of Maritan’s drills (at a very girlish Toranoana), eats a Cinnabon, and gets home late. Why sleep when there is caffeine? *twitch* EDIT THIS POST HAS BEEN HIJACKED BY THE SOS-DAN. LAY DOWN YOUR WEAPONS AND NO ONE WILL GET HURT.