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Shame For Sale!!

In a shameless return to HD for the first time since my last post (a year and a hemisphere ago) I invite all to peruse my eBay listings, wherein I have put up a chunk of my precious doujinshi collection for sale.


My GF is not as understanding as Danny Choo’s wife is about Japanese nerd stuff, and unlike Kasukabe in Genshiken, she is not prepared to allow my otakudom to extend to dirty comic books and the like. Figures of girls – yes, computer games with girls – okay, doujin with naughty bits in them – not appropriate.

Pure Love Renaissance : C72 Omake! – Itasha

Shipon displays his stealthy cameraphone skillz and shows off some itasha he snapped at Comiket 72 and discovers that it’s not just hardened street racers who moe up their cars. There’s some soccer mums too…

Pure Love Renaissance : Comiket 72 Cosplay!

Shipon rocks the camera-fu at Comiket cosplay on all three days – here are almost 100 photos from all 3 days of cosplay at this summer’s Comic Market at Tokyo Big Sight. Enjoy!

Pure Love Renaissance : Comic Market 72

Shipon deals out on his Comiket 72 experience covering sunburn, long lines, cosplay, an HD meetup, record numbers and how a good night’s sleep can make a BIG difference when a 5 hour lineup awaits.

Pure Love Renaissance : Wonder Festival Summer 2007

After meeting up with random people from both hemispheres in the tremendous line, we were all set to Wanfesu. Shingo and I had agreed on a system – he would stalk the resin and garage kits and I would shoot the new releases. I think I got the better end of the deal.

Magazine Review: Megami September 2007

The summer issue of everyone’s proto-magazine for bishoujo posters & related news, this issue of Megami boasts 220 pages, massive poster selection, Moetan feature & free pencil board. Also, a side word on Gamers bundling with the Comiket 72 CD Catalogue.

Sendai Toranoana Opening

Joining the already popular Animate, Melon Books, Gamers & Volks, Toranoana have opened a Sendai store. Yesterday was the big day – alas I was indisposed on a island buffeted by a typhoon (note : car ferries are not fun in heavy seas), but when the weather cleared this morning I went in to check it out.

Figure Review : Toysworks Amamiya Manami & Inamori Mika – White Swimsuit Version

So I’m chilling in #naisho on one night (unofficial chat hangout of HD) and someone links to Amiami’s listing for Toysworks Manami & Mikan PVC. After scoping it and considering it, I’m ordered up and waiting for Sagawa to courier it to the door of my hovel.

Protoculture News: Toranoana empire expands to Sendai

Sendai is already pretty well-equipped for otaku needs as the biggest city in Tohoku, the northern-most area of Honshu (Japan’s largest island). Joining the existing Gamers, Volks, Melon Books & Animate will soon be a Toranoana on Clis Road in the city center – a pretty decent-sized one too, by the looks of it. The Japanese blogosphere has already begun to latch onto the news and on 2ch the response is good. Photos after the jump.

Event Report: Comic1 doujinshi convention

Shipon spent a pre-Golden Week 5 days in Tokyo, taking in the sights, collecting photos and content for HD and, oh yeah, getting along to April 30th’s Comic1 – the touted replacement for the now-defunct Comic Revolution convention. Tales of recognition, doujin and a mysterious loss of cash ensue. Also, pigeons!

Pure Love Renaissance: Sunday on Chuo-Dori

On Sundays and holidays, Tokyo’s capital for all things anime, computers, electronics and anything otaku closes it’s main street. Chuo-Dori comes alive with singers, cosplayers and sightseers. It’s a time for hanging out with friends, checking out upcoming talent and blatant consumerism. Shipon spent a day documenting the scene, then another 5 days blurring out people’s faces.

Lucky Star Invades Akiba Stores

AkibaBlog posted a story complete with photographic evidence of the invasion of Lucky Star into stores. Not in the way you might think – it seems that everybody from second hand DVD dealers to figure shops to doujin shops to 2nd hand computer stores have been using Lucky Star characters in their signage, and this a development only as recent as the beginning of the broadcast of the Kyoto Animation series. See the original AkibaBlog post for pictures. (no more)

Event Report: “Maritan to Hanasou!” Book Signing

In the midst of my trip to Tokyo last weekend, my keitai rings. It’s Shingo. “Hello? What’s up? We still meeting today?” I ask. “Maritan to Hanasou signing event at K-Books in Akiba. Starts at 11. I can’t get in in time. Can you make it?” comes the distorted voice (his phone ain’t so good) of HDs Editor-In-Chief. “Hell’s yeah,” I reply, looking at the nearest subway clock. “I can be there in 10 minutes,” I say. The next train is coming in 5 minutes and I have to travel one stop then change from subway to JR Line.

Pure Love Renaissance : How To Con In Japan – Part 1

Shipon delves into the logistics of conning in Japan in this informative series of… things. First up – Lodgings. Where can you stay in Tokyo when conning, that won’t con you out of your precious doujin/figure cash?

Event Report : Wonder Festival Winter 2007

Shipon represents for HD at this winter’s event for figure lovers, garage kit maniacs and devotees to hypothermia.

Post-WanFesu Note

A successful return from WanFesu. At this point not entirely sure whether Japanese figure maniacs are committed or should be committed. Also now entirely sure that the purchase of a better camera for future events is in. Also entirely sure that despite their budgetary effectiveness, a night spent in an internet cafe is not a good start to an event. Updates either this evening or tomorrow morning. (no more — heh I always wanted to write that)

Pure Love Renaissance : Nigel Woolcock’s Travels In The Orient

Shipon introduces an introductory introduction to Japan, Nigel Woolcock’s Travels In The Orient : Part XXI – Japan; an interesting look at the far exotic Asian destination and it’s strange and exotic customs.

Pure Love Renaissance : Foreigner Criminal File

Shipon returns from a long vacation in the sun Down Under to stir the sediment of a resting HD with a report on Gaijin Hanzai Ura Fairu or Foreigner Criminal File – the Japanese publication most likely to get confiscated on your return to your home country. But not for the reasons you might think.

Visual Novels on the NintendoDS?

After a month-long hiatus brought about by computer failures, the strains of work & the near destruction of all humanity (no more details – an out of court settlement was reached), Shipon returns with a look at MediaWorks attempts to bring the visual novel to the Nintendo DS.

Pure Love Renaissance : The Budget Otaku

Shipon delves into the murky lifestyle cheats and hints for living that otaku life on a shoestring, and examines the question “How can I minimize my cost-of-living so I can finally buy that life sized Ayanami doll?”

New KimiNozo Spinoff

News of a new Kimi ga Nozomu Eien spin-off has surfaced, with a particularly dodgy rumor surrunding the possible plot.

GTE – Great Detective Evangelion

Evangelion just won’t die. Or rather, Gainax won’t let it. A new Eva game comes to PS2 in November. Same characters, same cast but with an Agatha Christie twist…

Pure Love Renaissance Review : KyoAni ‘Kanon Prelude’

In the final in this gushy, over-the-top (according to your e-mails), Kanon worship series, Shipon scoops the entire universe with fresh screencaps from today’s release of the Kanon Prelude DVD.

Pure Love Renaissance : Kanon – The Diversification

Wherein Shipon continues to follow the path of Kanon from its origins as a PC eroge to the upcoming KyoAni anime incarnation, discusses deformity in animation and tells it like it is, ghetto-style.

Pure Love Renaissance Review : C70 Kanon Premiere Pack

A look at the Kanon Premier Pack that KyoAni & TBS released at Comiket 70.

Pure Love Renaissance Post-Con Report : Comiket 70

Shipon takes a break from his busy schedule of crying into the empty darkness to report on a first time trip to Comiket involving chance Pictochat encounters, child exploitation cosplay & the very obvious result of a stupid action.

Pure Love Renaissance: The ‘Kanon’ Saga Begins

With the upcoming Kyoto Animation remake of the original Toei Kanon anime series, Shipon launches his column by diving into the history of Key’s wunder-property in a series tracing it from origins in PC Gaming to the impending anime release.