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Event Report: Spring M3 2007

KOF 2000 embarked solo upon a thoroughly wallet-emptying M3 adventure last weekend in pursuit of nearly unhealthy quantities of doujin music CDs. Confusion, merriment, claustrophobic pathways, and gaijin representation ensue. Read all about his inexperienced experiences, a first-timer’s opinion of the event, general commentary, and more!

Doujin Music Scene: Rance Love, Hard Rock Style

For lovers of the music in Alice Soft’s Rance series (nay, for lovers of good music in general), hoist your mainsail and navigate on over to Human BBQ and get ready to rock out to their arrangements of the music from various Rance games. My recommendation from the melange? Drive Back the Enemy! (scroll down) from Sengoku Rance. Such raw aggression can only be described as a provocation to “hear me live.” (no more)

Let’s Get Those CDs Rolling

Howdy, folks!

You might have seen my name floating around here and there in some of the comments to Shingo’s posts in the past. While these comments will still make their sporadic appearances, it’s instead with much gusto that I am here to announce my incipient journalistic endeavors in a brand spanking new column for HD.