For all the amateur and professional manga creators of the world who are being held back by poor working environments, the Akihabara Seisakujo is here to solve all your problems. Billing itself as a “Creators Cafe”, Seisakujo offers studio desks and various art equipment, including high-quality scanners and PCs equipped with Photoshop, for a modest hourly charge (starting at 500 yen).

Obviously, this isn’t ideal for long-term use, but in cases where your living situation becomes inconvenient (disapproving family members or noisy neighbors) it could be a lifesaver. I also expect that it might prove to a be a good place to sequester yourself for a pre-comiket all nighter.

I can’t see any professional mangaka taking advantage of this in the near future, but it’s interesting to think that between this place and neighborhood manga cafes, it’s no longer all that difficult to lead a productive otaku lifestyle even if you’re completely homeless.

I can’t help but wonder if it might do better if it were staffed with maids, though.

Akihabara Seisakujo via Mainichi via TentacleCat