The various Tech Arts eroge brands got together yesterday and posted an enormous (4721 x 6057 pixel) teaser image including in-progress content from several of their upcoming games. The image is chaotic and not very easy to parse, but from what can be gleaned it seems that there are at least four new games in development from the various brands: a new Mochizuki Nozomu-designed game from MBS Truth (or possibly an OLE spinoff), a new Gunner-L designed game (side-scrolling shooter included) from an OLE, a new Sano Toshihide-designed game from G.J?, and what appears to be a 3D remake of Ane to Boin from Tech Arts 3D. The teaser image is reproduced below:

I don’t believe so much awesomeness has ever been concentrated in a single image file… not only that, but the hint of Tetsuko / Misaki Renka’s return to the G.J?verse is the best news of the week as far as I’m concerned (Tetsuko appears in both Akiba-kei Kanojo and Shichinin no Online Gamers, and is arguably the best character in each. She also makes an appearance in Ole’s Ten-musu).

Not tsundere, just angry at you.


We’ll be watching closely for further details on any and all of these projects as their development proceeds.