Character goods maker Chara Hai updated this evening with listings for a Tifania hug pillowcase from Zero no Tsukaima (officially from this summer’s third season, Princesse no Rondo). The case is scheduled for release on August 25th with preorders open until August 4th, and is double-sided with two pieces of original art and standard dakimakura dimensions of 150×50 cm. Like previous Chara Hai releases Tifania is available in two choices of cloth: smooth knit (9,500 yen retail) and two-way tricot (10,500 yen retail). Explanations of the differences in pillow fabric can be found here. Tifania pillow images below:

I for one welcome our irresponsibly buxom elven maiden overlordsladies, and fervently hope this is merely the first in a long and rich vein of Tifania-related merchandise to appear over the next several months. We’ll be on the lookout!

Note: Chara Hai does not ship internationally and does not distribute via Japanese wholesalers, so purchase via proxy may be necessary for international fans.