Today’s Updates

See below for a bunch more figure news, including Orchid Seed’s Kai Harn in color, Volks’s Kagamine Rin and Len, and arguably the two cutest trading figure releases of the year. A note at the bottom of the post for doujin fans as well:

Figure News EXTEND

  • Orchid Seed releases 50 copies of their Bastard! Kai Harn resin kit via Amiami in advance of the PVC release – preorders start June 7th, ships later in June at 9,500 yen

Play-Asia Recommendations

CDJapan Recommendations

J-List Recommendations

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    Female-voiced visual novel featuring Guilty Gear’s Dizzy. More information, sample CG, and sample voices available here.
    Viper RSR-themed CG compilation, including 18 base CG and 10 variations. Kaara (Carla) is the main feature, with 15 of the 18 CG.
    CG collection featuring the heroines from Studio Ghibli movies. Includes 38 base CG along with variations and alternate sizes, omake CG and more.
    MILF-themed full color ero doujinshi, 20 pages in all presented in JPG and BMP formats. Recommended.

Today’s thumbnail image was brought to you by Takeda Hiromitsu, whose first tankoubon goes on sale June 9th:

Takeda Hiromitsu's Makenki!


Following up on last night’s note regarding Comiket 74 circle notifications, apparently the notices go live at 6:00 PM Japan time tomorrow (June 6th). Now we know when to start furiously refreshing circle sites…