Two Days’ Updates

See below for additional figure news and miscellany from the past two days:

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Play-Asia Recommendations

CDJapan Recommendations

J-List Recommendations

Shuraki Char up at J-List

DLsite Recommendations (how to buy)

    Loli-themed semi-pro doujin game. Fully female-voiced, 8 base CG plus variations. Samples and more information here.
    Doujinshi featuring Dead or Alive’s Ayane. 28 pages in PDF file format.
    Budget price release of a semi-pro game originally out in 2005. Fully female voiced, features demon girl themes. CG count unknown.
    Dragon Quest-themed hardcore doujin compilation. Includes a 27-page doujinshi as well as a separate illustration collection with 30 CG images. Note: contains pregnancy, bondage, and other hardcore themes.

    A plump version of Suzumiya Haruhi is featured in this CG collection, with 14 base images and 54 total images (including variations).
    Semi-pro doujin game featuring themes of a virginal older sisters. Contains 14 base CG and 102 variations, fully female voiced. Also contains animated scenes. More information and samples are available here.
    Doujinshi featuring Shiranui Mai from King of Fighters, as well as Kasumi and Ayane from Dead or Alive and June from Star Gladiator. 28 pages, in PDF format.
    Dragon Quest priestess sisters-themed CG collection. Includes 15 base CG and 38 variations. Caters to fetishes of monsters, pregnancy, and torn tights.

    Fantasy themed semi-pro doujin game with full female voice, scene replayability, etc. More information and samples at the official page here.
    28 page Dragonball-themed doujinshi. Note: contains a variety of hardcore/maniac content.
    CG collection of 70’s-80’s large-chested anime and manga heroines. Includes 18 characters (at least), total image count hard to determine but is at least 35, possibly as many as 68.
    The latter part of a story of wives and SM, in CG collection form. Total image count is unknown, but the previous part contained a total of 30 pages spread across two stories.

Majodou Diary

Mary Marigold discovers the joys of pudding

Comiket 74 circle application results will be announced online on June 6th, according to the official Comic Market site. Those planning to attend the event or purchase doujinshi via proxy afterward can look forward to circles announcing their acceptance or rejection starting this weekend. We’ll be keeping an eye out as well and let you know how things turn out for HD!