The official Goodsmile blog brought the news earlier today that their Nendoroid action figure Kagamine Rin and Len (of Vocaloid virtual idol fame) will be available for preorder starting tomorrow, June 4th. We’ve witnessed the development of their configuration from the first announcement of calls for fans to submit alternate face part designs, and today a final bit of news has emerged regarding the release – see below for details and images:

Both figures are scheduled for release in October at 3,000 yen each, and they’ll both ship with a total of four face parts: smiling (mouth closed), smiling (mouth open), fan-designed (hyper-genki Rin, consternated Len), and as a first in the Nendoroid series, both will ship with face parts that are entirely blank. Amiami has posted pre-preorder listings for both figures (Rin, Len), from which images have been culled and reproduced below:

I’m guessing the inclusion of blank face parts will make them desirable to modders in addition to the already considerable Vocaloid fanbase… Each figure also comes with decals for facial features that can be applied to the blank faces in your own custom configuration, and the face parts are interchangeable between Rin and Len (compatibility with other Nendoroids is not officially supported).