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See below for first impressions of the weekend’s eroge haul, including a look at the Sano Toshihide-designed Majodou:

My shipment of eroge for the month came in this evening, and the first thing I did was install Majodou, the latest game from G.J? and artist Sano Toshihide. I played through what amounts to the prologue, a sample of which can be found below:



The game starts as follows: you’re an average student about to start the second year of your gakuen (mythical adult-attended high school) life. On the day of the opening ceremony you break a pot, meet an odd girl in the train station, follow your secret crush/class idol into an empty cafe after school, look for her in the kitchen, trigger an elevator, see her about to commit suicide on the roof, jump after her, and eventually end up riding behind her on a broomstick.

Mayhem ensues, the pair of you end up down a well, where she confesses that she has feelings for you – believing that your memories will be wiped shortly. You’re dragged out of the well by a bunch of irate witches, threatened with death, and wake up the next morning to find a silver-haired bombshell who wants to take over the world demanding that you maker her breakfast. She declares she’s a witch, and it turns out you remember the events of the day before all too well…

end spoilers

I’m enjoying the game thus far and am going to try to actually play through the whole thing in a reasonable time frame. I’ll try to bring either periodic reports or a full review at the end, depending on how the schedule works out.

Tomorrow evening I’ll be taking a look at Kanojo^3, unless Majodou distracts me too much, and will attempt to move on from there with reports on the month’s other new titles.

Majodou OP

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Today’s posting was cut back a bit to fit Majodou into the schedule, but I’ll be catching up with things tomorrow morning like the weekend’s new download game releases and other news. If there’s anything I can fill you in on this batch of games, let me know~.